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    Solar Photovoltaic Microgeneration.

    Myself I think that micro PV is both morally and practically wrong. There is just not the sunlight to make it work, and the wealth transferal from poor to rich for no good reason is just wrong. If the government wants to go green we should be building reliable and predictable tidal power...
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    Downlighters in celotex

    In which case who burnt all the fossil fuel in the high middle ages, caused the little ice age, and froze all those poor Vikings to death?
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    Downlighters in celotex

    Something that has always worried me about global warming, is that the climate has been warmer than now in the past. For example in the early middle ages the climate in Greenland was warm enough to allow the Vikings to live by northern european subsistance agriculture, until they were wiped out...
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    Extension DIY wire

    Both times I did this the Building Control Officer did the first fix inspection and they then had an electrician come round once to do the inspect and test at the end.
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    I had a really bad DIY disaster.

    Opened my big mouth twenty odd years ago and told the wife that studwork walls were moveable, she still hasn't forgotten. :(
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    Oh no School have phoned!!!

    How about working out what amperage of fuse is needed in the plug for an appliance of a given wattage. Useful basic electrical maths?
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    Cloth covered wire?

    Works well on vacuum cleaners too.
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    NOOO, Bertie is missing!!

    I really think you sparks should try to avoid breathing the fumes while soldering. :D But as the proud owner of a nearly thirty year old home made cross level, I am probably as bad.
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    Fluorescent fittings

    Because GLS incandesents are brighter and more compact than the CFL's. Which because of the base to contain the electronics, stick up out of any light fitting I put them in. They are also only available in pathetically low wattages, with a flickering yellow light. So to get the same...
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    Do sparks overcharge?

    "Do Spark's overcharge?" Only if they don't care if they damage their batteries. :D
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    Do The Experts Know What Part P Is About? - - NO!

    I wish I had seen the Warreng V BAN Part P EIC thread on ebuild a year ago. It would have been so amusing to see his reaction to me popping up to tell him that as a Permanent Way Engineer, whose professional expertise electrically, is limited to installing and working round conductor rails. I...
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    Spare parts for a 70's wylex consumer unit

    Thats a bit strong, surely both have their place and protect against different things, so depending on the situation either could save your life. While having both is obviously best, fitting MCB's instead of fuses has to be an improvement. Both from a convinience point of view, and because it...
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    Supplementary bonding sounds dangerous!

    Remember also to only do this while walking facing the direction of traffic, as your demonstration will be somewhat spoiled if you are run over by a train.
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    DIY rewire under building notice..

    When I did the wiring in my two extensions the Building Control Officer checked the first fixes, then they got an electrician in at the end to do all the testing. If yours are the same they might be willing to check the first fix in sections as you do the work, then do all the testing in one...
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    6 ton of sharp sand

    Get your wife to make you up some long thin bags, that will fit inside your trouser legs. With a release sting you can pull from inside your pocket. Fill the bags with the sand, visit your neighbours or a local park. When no one is looking release the sand, perhaps spreading it a bit with...
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    Council requiring only NIC/ECA contractor to do private work

    South Beds DC LABC were very helpful, when I did my own electrical work on a couple of extensions to my house. Gave me no trouble, and sent an electrician round to test at the end of the work. Without any of the dodgy extra charges that lesser councils try to extort from their public.
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    Battery Charging Narrow boat

    An alternate alternator? :lol: Sorry could not resist.
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    LABC boys love a shower.

    I was lucky the same way in that the fuse was left unsealed, in fact the lugs the wire goes through were broken off. By a German sent round by the lecky people to change the meter. I was however unaware of his sexual orientation until reading the above post.
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    Proffesional tiller (pic) you wont believe it

    I am a P. Way Engineer and I would be too ashamed to let anyone see it if I laid a tile floor that badly. :roll:
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    DIY rewiring and Building control

    I have recently done my own electrics, in an extension for the second time. Both times South Beds Building control have been very helpful, coming out to inspect at first fix. Then sending out an electrician to test when I was finished, all as part of the standard inspection fee for the building...