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    central heating fro stanley range

    Hi. I have a similar sort of query too. Want to install a solid fuel stove and use it to heat upstairs radiators in the winter. Already have a combi-boiler that runs everything. Would use this through summer months, then use stove for upstairs and boier for downstairs. Is it possible to do this...
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    Lowering attic floor to make bigger room?????

    Ok you guys, thanks for all that! I appreciate your advice.
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    Lowering attic floor to make bigger room?????

    - I forgot to say that the ceiling beams all run parallel with the purlins and supporting wall too. :oops: Sorry,
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    Lowering attic floor to make bigger room?????

    I hope you can see the pictures ok. They are intended to show the purlins, the roof beams, and the batons that I think are holding up the ceiling. The room that is to be made (if it's possible) would be between the purlins. It's hard to see the space from the angle I took it. I stood on a ladder...
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    Lowering attic floor to make bigger room?????

    Ok....I think the purlins are the HUGE horizontal beams that are supporting the roof. There are 4: 2 at about 4' high above the ceiling and 4' approx from the edge of the roof (where the guttering would be on the outside) and on either side of the attic running the width of the house. The other...
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    Lowering attic floor to make bigger room?????

    Thanks for your reply! The walls are constructed of local Lancashire red brick, (NORI) and have iron in them. They are notoriously hard and appear in good sound condition. The supporting wall goes through the middle of the house, accross it's width and has the stairs on one side of it...
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    Lowering attic floor to make bigger room?????

    HI ALL! I have a question.. I live in an old 1890's house with very high ceilings. I would like a room in the attic but I can't stand up straight in it (and I'm only 5' 5). I was wondering - as the attic would need new joists putting in anyway, why can't the new joists be put in about 2' lower...
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    Suspended Ceiling Help....

    We had the same problem as you in our bathroom. Ripped out the old ceiling then wanted to replace it. We put in a timber framework and then tongue n groove.. We gave it a good couple of coats of wax and it looks fab! Just take care not to get a nasty 'yellow' pine look to it. Use good oil or...
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    Wood block flooring

    We have some 100 yr old wood blocks that had been pulled up from a floor and were going to be used as firewood.I would like to lay them in our house but don't know how to go about it, or whether it is even worth it. Do we need experts or can we do it ourselves? If so, where do we begin?(The...