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    Potterton Supriam HE 30

    why not buy something with a longer warranty. in this day and age too many components to go wrong
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    Chaffoteaux Maury -will work for about 20 mins and then stop

    from personally exp i have found it to be the pcb on most occasions with the no flame detection symbol. Have tried all the other options of checking the gas valve, all the solenoids but most of the time we have found it to be pcb
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    C&M Britony Combi Boiler HELP PLEASE

    depending on which model of britony if its the all white version they are prone to pcb. if you say the lock down as in the red light with the no flame symbol as long as its the all white version i would say its more than likely the pcb for that problem
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    Chaffoteaux & Maury Combination boiler

    if thats the price fitted then sounds ok to me. More of a fiddley job to be honest. as i said before iirc you have to change all the lcd panel as well
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    Chaffoteaux & Maury Combination boiler

    90% pcb they had a series of faults with these and the age is about right for it. If you phone up chaff they will check all the gas valve etc but from experience we have found them to be the pcb. which also comes with a new panel as well if its the mx range.
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    Part L

    thats me thank you found every other one bar that one guess i cant speel or something or google dont like me.
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    Part L

    Has anyone got a decent link for a site where i can get a proper version and a simple version so that i can download to show people many thanks
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    Help....boiler advice needed!

    We fit at least 3 ariston clas he combi's 30kw a week. nice boiler and now they do a 35kw i think it is now. had a few set up issues but that has been engineers error more than boiler.
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    condemned boiler

    so has the 1000 point scheme gone out the window then and valor baxi stopped making them?
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    Heatline Expert - anybody?

    just cause he is corgi registered doesnt mean that engineers no everything about gas appliances and can fault find on the spot. the problem with most combi boilers is one fault that appears could be upto 3 or 4 different problems and tbh with the lower price range of boilers at the minute it is...
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    wall heaters

    thank you very muchly
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    wall heaters

    can baxi wall heaters still be fitted?? many thanks
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    so you have to pay an extra 550 quid and the grant is for 2700 so some one is getting that for just changing the boiler surely they must be doing more than that.
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    Combi boiler nightmare

    what ariston boiler is it for? might be able to find a use for it.
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    Qualified plumbers website

    the top link makes me laff trustcorgi. bless em
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    depending on the pump really as some have a big silver cover screw that you can undo to see if the pump is running. but you need need some rag and a bowl to hand thou.
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    Converted to combi now poor heating ??

    report him to corgi they seem to be investigating poor workmanship and leaving customers without proper working appliances now. worth a try as we found this out the other day when a lady phoned us with a non working gas fire that was 8 months that someone had fitted and hadnt worked from day...
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    turn off radiators

    if you do have trv's on one end i would personally say try and avoid turning them off esp for all the summer as they can jam up ie the pin gets stuck down. just turn off the lock shield of you have them i would say personally.
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    Chaff britony SE 80

    used to fit these boilers all the time never really had any issues with em tbh and we have fitted near on 100 of them. fairly easy to work on, the plastic moldings can be fun sometimes thou i must say.
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    Refitting a bath

    if you take the bath panel you should be able to see the extent of the damage if there is any? if it is a chipboard floor then as above place plywood over it if the floor is ok then it may only be a matter of the bath legs need adjusting and locking into place.. good luck