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    Have spent all day balancing the system and still no heat!!

    And extra rad as a vent? surely a automatic air vent (or manual even) would have made more sense rather than more load on the system? (unless you needed the extra rad?) You say they heat up ok when the other rads are closed down ? Have you tried cranking down the lock shields on the existing...
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    magnetic filter fitted on wrong pipe !

    Not really sure why it was suggested the OP might be disabled or not working, you can be working and still be eligible for ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme. Being granted funded doesn't exclude the job from being done properly, and presumably you would ask the installer to come back and fix...
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    Cold water main resonance

    The tank ball valve might still be the source if the vibration, Check that the pipe is secured properly, and yes, the log dead leg might be making it worse, so might be worth getting rid of it if you can
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    what are these pipes ?

    Sounds right Blagard, Re the woodburner/oil boiler. I think it's worth looking into systems that can combine the heat from both of them. Things like a Dursley Neutraliser, a thermal store.
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    Finding the right radiator...

    A link might be useful, in case someone comes across this post in the future
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    Is this normal??!!

    Yes, of course, Picasso is right, was having a bit of a brain fart there obviously :oops: All the CH/HW system should be fed via a switch so that the whole thing can be isolated. That switch obviously isn't doing that. Assuming that it is connected up to system and seems supposed to do...
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    Which Shower Mixer Bar

    I suspect that member of staff is talking out of their rear end, and are mixing up B&Q's general return policy, with your rights under the Sales of Goods legislation. As for the shower. as it's a bar mixer and easily replaced, I'd either go for a cheapy (£40 -50) own brand/no name and bin...
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    Is this normal??!!

    Umm, but the OP said this has been happening with the CH/HW off at the programmer. So there shouldn't be any power to the valve. Given that the programmer display is playing up, I'd suspect some fault with that maybe? OP did it use to work ok? And I'm wonderign about the switch - do you...
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    'Nearly New' second hand rads

    True that you get people paying silly money for things sometimes, doesn't mean everything you buy is over priced though, you just need to purchase carefully. As for old rads failing and leaking. As a prob;lem I think that is being over egged. It's gonna take quite a time for a removed rad...
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    Steel or Acrylic Bath?? Help!

    Yup, you can chip or crack an acrylic bath as well. Your plumber is right, a properly installed decent acrylic bath shouldn't be moving really either. The current one in our house doesn't nor did the one i installed in the old house. And some people prefer the feel of one over the other, cos...
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    HELP! Can't fit towel radiator

    [/url] Yup, will do fine. Use some PTFE tape on the threads to get a good seal.
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    Shower rail fixing

    Size wise yes, but if you mean a standard wall plug then no, I wouldn't use them, as they aren't designed to hold in plasterboard. Either use one on the newer universal plugs like Rawlplug Uno, or a plasterboard specific plug. And ideally , push the plug in so it is past the tile.
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    Is it Normal for Spillover to leak?

    Hmm, yes, I read the post the first time as that water was coming out of the bath in normal bathing. But you are right he does say he filled it to overflowing. (Though not sure our bath overflow would cope when filing at full pelt.
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    HELP! Can't fit towel radiator

    The bit of the rad valve that screws into the radiator is 1/2" BSP thread (a reference to the size of the thread). This is the same whatever the size of the pipe the valve is connected to. So pipe size doesn't matter. To connect to the new pipework, not sure what you mean by a 'compression...
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    Is it Normal for Spillover to leak?

    Just how much water is getting spilt? Think there needs to be a modification in the bathing behaviour if water is getting spilt so much to be causing this problem :-) Maye just a bath mat ? The water is probably making it's way between the joints of the tiles, or running under the bath and...
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    Skirting board heaters

    Wondering if the op means low level radiators like these: skirting board rads like the smiths ones: Or the metal skirting board replacements...
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    Removing limescale from shower screen? Toilet cleaner?

    Watch out for any chromed fittings, as the chrome can be damaged by the acid, and (I can't remember if any particular acids are less damaging to chrome than others). I think the toilet de scalers are relatively aggressive (probably because going to be diluted in the loo), going by how it...
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    'Nearly New' second hand rads

    having had a leak from the rad is another possibility I suppose, but newish rads mostly don't leak, so probably not something to worry about really. I'd specifically ask about any damage, unless they mention it, much easier than arguing about it later. check if the brackets are included...
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    Pipes Roaring

    Even if the neighbours have noticed no problem, doesn't mean your problem is in your house - water noise is a funny thing. I am reminded of apost on her previously where someone was having noises in their pipes when the neighbours drew water, but the neighbours didn't suffer. We have two...