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    help on attic electrics

    I am putting some new wiring into the attics for the kids and just wanted to ask a couple of questions. Firstly i will be spurring off a double socket in the bedroom with the following bedroom socket-fcu 13amp-attic double socket -fcu 13amp - double socket. I want to protect everything at...
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    hotpoint w52 wont spin or agitate

    Left on 60 degree wash last night and it stopped halfway thru cycle this morning. Drum will spin by hand with resistance took back off drivebelt was fine so i took motor off bushes seem fine to me with plenty of carbon left on and the water will empty and fill however when i disconnected the...
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    I have finally converted the bathroom after the wife nagging for about 10 years and as we have never had a shower fitted before we actually bought a gainsborough es550 8.5kw shower a few years ago in anticipation. All we have is a cold water tank above about 10 feet in the attic.Its a single...