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    Cylinder Heating Elements

    One is a control thermostat to set temp, one is a safety high limit thermostat
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    Insulating Expansion Vessel

    Whatever you do please don't forget to make sure you have access to the valve - they need charging up from time to time and should be checked at the annual service.
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    PRV Banging

    If I read one of your posts correctly it appears that the PRV is connected both ends? Is this right? If so it is wrongly installed as one of the connections should be open to a tundish.
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    hot water not working (vented cylinder)

    perhaps a combi boiler was fitted and the vented cylinder was just isolated and left in situ?
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    Expansion Vessel Size.

    An 18 litre vessel is about right, plenty on the internet but do make sure you get one for potable water (usually white or blue in colour) and NOT a heating vessel (usually red)
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    Filling up a hot water tank more frequently

    You need a bigger cylinder to take advantage of off peak power , and a modern one - perhaps think about unvented (mains pressure) for a decent shower, too. If you live alone I would suggest a 210 litre.
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    Gledhill Pulsacoil BP - spanner size?

    They should be standard immersion bosses - and you can pick up an immersion spanner at a plumbers merchant easily enough
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    Reverse acting thermostat

    There's no reason why you can't fit a pump, but these chaps are correct - you will also need a mechanical safeguard like a thermal safety valve and discharge/quench arrangement that works without power.
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    Water Hammer Driving Me Mad

    Yes fit a shock arrestor - but don't forget to maintain it by pumping up annually with a bike pump to about three bar
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    Can I move to an unvented hot water system ?

    Here's what you do. Pick a tap connected to the cold mains (kitchen sink) and turn it on. That's approximately what an unvented hot out will give you. Now turn on a second mains tap (hose tap?) and see what happens to the flow. That's what happens when two hot outlets are on. It will give a...
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    Hot water cylinder on 80c - will this cause any damage?

    Is the cylinder unvented? It may cause the relief valve to drip.
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    Having an unvented cylinder installed - do I need pressurised central heating?

    I might be making an assumption here but you mention that "but did run a tap upstairs. The flow rate was 15l per minute" Does that mean he checked an upstairs tap? Almost certainly this would be connected to a feed tank above it, so the true measure is at a cold mains outlet like the kitchen...
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    Increasing hot water temp in Megaflo CL210 cylinder - safe ?

    Yes, you would get more "hot water" because you would be using less from the cylinder and more from the cold to mix it down. These units are protected against overheat so adjust as you feel suits you best.
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    Am I missing something? Why shouldn't I get a combi boiler?

    If this has been mentioned sorry, but the only time you are going to get 20 or 25 litres from a combi is if there is storage somewhere. A lot of combis have storage built in. Once the storage has been used you are back to a more typical flow and temperature rise.
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    PV thermal store

    It wouldn't work as a thermal store, the coil is in the wrong place and is too small.
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    New build hot water cylinder

    Cylinders offer the following advantages - multi outlet use (not may combis do this) and flow rates up to 40 litres a minute can be achieved with through 22mm mains. If the boiler can't be used they also have back up immersion heaters. They can be used with solar PV as "batteries" and they are...
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    Replace my gledhill pulsacoil 2000

    Mike is a good chap - get in touch and if he can't help he will point you in the right direction
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    Replace my gledhill pulsacoil 2000

    There'a a chap called Mike The Boilerman who has a very informative website about Gledhill products and their alternatives
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    Gravity feed (only) hot water system

    You would need to pump into the plate heat exchanger and out of it to your hot water tank for it to work
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    Replace my gledhill pulsacoil 2000

    Do a google search for Electric Thermal Store