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    Toilet siphon outlet size

    The diaphragm in my toilet has failed. It is a close coupled cistern with a one piece siphon operated by a side lever. Due to the tight location it is in and the difficulty removing the cistern that this caused I'd rather not have to do this again and would like to replace the siphon with a...
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    Office boiler flues and ventilation system

    Thanks for the reply Chris. The engineers are (allegedly) on their way. In the meantime, the smell has gone - though the wind has changed as well.
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    Office boiler flues and ventilation system

    This is not a DIY enquiry, but I'm wondering if any of the gas experts on here could comment. I work in a 3 storey office block which is one year old. Each floor is heated by 3 fan flued condensing boilers. I don't know their make or rated size, but they're about the same size as domestic...
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    Cutting paving slabs

    Thanks for the advice. The edges won't be exposed and gaps between slabs will be grouted so I'll probably go for a 115 as they seem to be widely available and considerably cheaper than 230 mm ones.
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    Cutting paving slabs

    I need to cut some paving slabs and was going to buy an angle grinder. However, none of the ones I've looked at specify a maximum cutting depth. Does anyone know what size of angle grinder I need to cut 40mm paving slabs?
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    ONE rad continually getting air in and V.noisy.

    If the gas coming out of the bleed screw wasn't ignited by a lit match but blew it out it's air not hydrogen.
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    Power shower problem

    I have a Mira Event power shower which I installed about 5 years ago. It is connected through a double pole switch and a RCD/FCU. The shower has worked fine until today, when the RCD tripped. A substitute RCD also tripped which would suggest that the fault is in the shower or the cable...
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    Intermittent Potterton? Flashing red LED? PCB Fault finding

    Good pics LeaUK, and exactly how the joints looked on my Suprima 50 board. I've had 2 goes at re-soldering it. The first was to cure a fault whereby the pump would switch off with the boiler running. This rapidly made the boiler shoot steam and boiling water out the vent pipe (which is not...
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    Potterton Suprima 60 Boiler

    Just do a search on here for Suprima lockout or Suprima PCB. Then either get out your wallet for a new PCB or get out your soldering iron and fix the one you've got.
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    Supplementary Bonding

    I realise this, which is why I will be removing bonding that shouldn't be there, e.g. to the metal tap tails connected to plastic pipe supplying the basin. So having the shower and towel rail heater bonded is not introducing a hazard into an earth free environment, and may be necessary...
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    Supplementary Bonding

    About 5 years ago I installed an en-suite shower room. At the time I didn't have access to the internet or this very helpful forum. Having read the sticky I am now aware that I made some unnecessary supplementary bonding and wish to confirm what if anything should be bonded in this case...
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    Suprima 50 PCB repair?

    Why give Potterton anymore of your hard earned cash without trying to repair the old board first? Remove the board and inspect all the soldered joints with a good magnifying glass. You're looking for circular hairline cracks round the joints. Pay particular attention to the joints around the...
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    Floppy door handles

    Many thanks Handyhands, I'll give him a try.
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    Floppy door handles

    I've emailed photos to admin but don't know how long it'll take for them to be posted.
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    Floppy door handles

    Doors are all internal wooden doors.
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    Floppy door handles

    I have several door handles which don't stay horizontal due to the failure of the spring inside the handle. The springs are steel wire approx 1mm gauge, 21mm diameter with 2 and a half turns. I cannot find spares in the DIY sheds or local ironmongers. Does anyone know of any online suppliers...
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    Another Suprima PCB query!!!

    MacJ - I have a 5 year old Suprima 50 which started intermittently doing the exact same thing about 2 weeks ago. Crash, bang, boiling water shooting out the vent pipe. The cause of the overheat was the pump not running, which on investigation appeared to be because of no power from the boiler...