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    Flat roof leaking

    Hi, my flat roof has a leak - there are stains appearing on the ceiling inside. Do I need to replace the resin sealant? Pictures attached. Thanks
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    Staircase - replacing board with balusters

    Amazing, super helpful - thanks so much!!! I will get sanding!
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    Staircase - replacing board with balusters

    Thanks! Right, I will avoid no more nails! I was expecting to see some rebate too along the base and hand rail, but there is none (see image here). Makes me wonder if its not the original. Can I (or more likely a carpenter) create a rebate? Noted about the gaps! Thanks H
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    Staircase - replacing board with balusters

    Hi! I'm hoping to replace the board on my staircase with balusters. Questions are: 1. Is the handrail, base rail and newel post likely to be original? 2. Can I just insert balusters, fix with no more nails, and not remove the handrail? Thanks! Harriet
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    Is the fireplace lintel arch likely to be strong enough?

    Hi I've knocked through my chimney breast. I've found the arch, which is acting as the lintel. I'm wondering if it's likely to be strong enough to hold the chimney stack as is, or if I should get someone in the check and support it ASAP. Any advice would gratefully recieved! Thanks Harriet