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    Not sure whether I should lag my water tank

    I have economy 7 heating and recently it seems the water does not stay as hot into the evening (well it is February…) can electric storage tanks be lagged with a jacket like tanks belonging to gas heating systems? Thank you for any helpful notes!
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    A simple to power bathroom over cabinet light?

    Is there a way to wire in an over-cabinet light like this from the shaver socket (which is about 71cm away) or the ceiling extractor fan (which is about 1m away) I won't be doing it myself, I just want to have an idea...
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    Recently done lining paper coming away

    I had a decorator in about a year ago who relined & painted the walls – now the lining paper appears to be coming away in a couple of places about 40-60cm long, not near to the windows, see pic – what does this mean? is the wall damp? Thanks for any advice
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    Very small gap to fit threshold

    I got this Titan one from Screwfix and using the cut-off cutting wheel it takes ages to go through the laminate and it hard to get straight, any tips how to make it work? Thanks
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    Very small gap to fit threshold

    I had laminate floor fitted to a few rooms and need to fit the threshold bars. The gap left by the fitter is only about 10mm and the bars I’ve bought have an underbar of 10mm wide (others for sale look about the same), which doesn’t leave any room for expansion. Any good ideas for a solution please?
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    What's the curly paper in laminate groove for?

    I'm new to laminate flooring laying, please forgive my stupid question. I have twin click planks, at the short groove end of each plank a piece of thin curled up paper like substance is inside the groove, do I keep this? or is it protection whilst being delivered? Thanks for any help!
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    Trying to check potential boiler installer on gassafe

    I’m getting quote for a boiler install; I know the make & model I want. I’ve had 4 quotes between 2400-2600 and one local guy quoted a more attractive 1900. His gassafe number is on the quotation but when I look up the gassafe number on the gassafe website, it gives the same business name (not a...
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    Meters not showing units

    British Gas recently switched me from prepay to direct debit for both gas & electric, but the meters still show a monetary balance. How can I get them to show units used? Pressing buttons A & B just makes the monetary balance display, no units. Thank you for any helpful replies!
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    What are radiator covers for actually?

    I've painted a radiator and I think it looks good without the top & side covers - is there a practical reason to use the covers or are they just for appearance and keeping outdust? Thank you
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    Radiator covers stuck + question re painting them

    Now I've painted one of the rads and I think it looks good without the covers - is there a practical reason to use the covers or are they just for appearance? Thank you
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    Upvc skirting won't stay on wall

    Thank you for your answers... the glue is SAVES NAILS INSTANT GRAB ADHESIVE. The surface is plastered but a lot is covered with wallpaper, which I can remove and sand. Is there a better adhesive that doesn't require an applicator, I find them too fiddly and they block up quickly?
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    Upvc skirting won't stay on wall

    I'm trying to to install UPVC skirting, the two pieces I've tried so far, 70 cm and 3m, both don't stick fully, only at one end, I've used the supplied glue from the retailer (instant grab) when one end sticks, the other end comes off, any ideas please? Should I apply the adhesive on the edges...
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    Radiator covers stuck + question re painting them

    Hello, I have rads like the one pictured - how do I remove the cover to stick a brush down for cleaning out the dust? Also, is it best to paint the rad covers whilst removed or can they be painted in situ? Thanks for any advice.
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    Planning Permission & alteration licence for internal jobs

    I have an ex-council flat and want to remove a wall that contains a cupboard door, block a redundant rubbish chute, remove the wall between bathroom & toilet and move gas meter nearer floor. The council said in a letter, to get a licence of alteration, I need to investigate the need for...
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    Basic guidance for ex-council permission process

    Many thanks for your replies. Re. the wall, two builders have told me it doesn't appear to be structurally required. I also want to request permission to have the gas meter lowered 150cm. Can I put this on the same licence request, to save paying the fee more than once? What 'plans' would the...
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    Basic guidance for ex-council permission process

    I've recently bought an ex-council flat and I want to make some changes. 1) The lease says I have to get the landlord's permission to remove landlord's fixtures & fittings; would that include things like skirtings, light switches, sockets, bathroom suite, kitchen furniture? 2) I want to...
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    Should I remove this layer from wall

    I've been removing wallpaper and think I may have been too aggressive, because there is a layer which has vertical lines (see pic) so I assumed it's paper. However when I scrape it, it breaks (see pics). Please confirm whether I should leave it alone? Thank you,
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    Does flooring need removal before lay LVT

    The floor has various marks possibly from paint and tape, should I remove these before laying the LVTs? Thank you