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    Wood burner heating system

    Install thermal store, I wont do them any other way.
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    warmflow oil boiler problems

    does the central heating work ok when the water is switched on, if not i would say a faulty flow switch stuck in flow position. Turn the water supply off and remove the switch and try it.
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    thermal store temperature low when CH on & limited HW

    forgive me if someone has already said this but you should really have a stat to operate the central heating pump so that the temp in the store cant drop below 60-65 deg,this would make sure you always have enough heat for DHW. I do know this does not solve the problem with the boiler but it is...
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    Polyipe or speedfit underfloor heating!

    Try Maincor ufh, not the chepest on the market but one of the best.
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    Boiler located in small hut next to house

    Scatmanjohn I would just give up as some only hear what they want to.
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    rustless radiators

    Inhibitor does exactly what it says on the tub, if you don't test the concentration of it and keep it toped up what do you expect.
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    I'm after advice on a new Central Heating system

    I would still try and stretch the finances to a thermal store, this enables the solar panels to provide more hot water and any excess can go towards the central heating in spring and autumn when its on, this makes payback on solar much quicker. Get a thermal store that has connections on it...
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    I'm after advice on a new Central Heating system

    I cant belive all the rubbish i have just read, it happens on this site every time thermal stores are mentioned. My basic advice is get rid of your plumber before he makes a mess of your system and ask your architect if he can recommend an installer that knows what they are doing. The...
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    Clear-view multi fuel stove/boiler

    I think the H2 panel is more complicated than need be, all them motorized valves to maintain. I often wonder how they got it passed for use on solid fuel,but for me its a thermal store every time for solid fuel.
  10. J

    Clear-view multi fuel stove/boiler

    just blank off one top and one bottom at opposite sides, I usually use the bottom one as a drain off. I don't think much of the H2 that you are connecting up to.
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    Barn Conversion , combi boilers?

    Don't spoil your conversion with a combi, are you having a wood burning stove? if so i would recommend getting one with a boiler and linking it up with a gas boiler to a thermal store, then you would have plenty of hot water and you wouldn't be tied to one energy source, It also gives you the...
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    list required!

    I would use a thermal store every time with under floor heating and solar. Then solar will also contribute to heating and not just DHW
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    boiler not firing,return blocked???

    if the boiler gets up to temp are you sure your pump is working or maybe even full of air
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    Oil Heating

    I would spend the money on insulated dry lining or cavity insulation, as much loft insulation crammed in the loft as possible and upgrade your glass. Energy prices are only going in one direction.
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    plumb center radiators

    can't picture that rad as it is a while since i used them but they are made by myson so probably the same as myson's own, so ask nicely at a plumbers merchant if they have a damaged myson. I am surprised if you local plumb centre didn't have a damaged one they could have taken one off.
  16. J

    Dangerous?? right or wrong

    The only way between the two options would be the twin cylinder, but have you considered a thermal store which would provide you with ch from your stove also you would get mains pressure hot water. Have a look at the gledhill web site for more info. Although it would cost more they are worth it.
  17. J

    underfloor heating problems

    Looks as if pump is pumping directly from boiler to manifold and not drawing water through TMV. TMV should be between boiler and pump. also nothing to do with UFH good practice to turn pump head around so electrics are on top
  18. J

    Underfloor heating

    you could run it of the same pipes but because its not a separate zone it will only work when the radiators are on.
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    Oil Fired Boilers

    Grant for me every time with Firebird as second choice. Forget worcester, they have had their day
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    Oil tank - good practice?

    If your new oil tank is top outlet with anti-siphon device then there is hardly any risk, if it is a bottom outlet and gravity feed then it would be advisable to turn off.