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    Help please with flat roof Marine or WPB and what thickness

    Another vote for 18mm osb 8x2
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    Flat lead roof/drainage area downpipe

    That outlet is for single ply, you can have a new lead outlet made and welded into the downpipe that's already there. Maybe a longer pipe to sit inside the downpipe. Or maybe even a new downpipe.
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    Redland 52 tiles

    Hi. Can you call me again. Was out of office esrlier and the assistant that answered gave you incorrect information. Plesse ask for Graeme
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    Temporary fix for leaking roof

    That needs stripped and re-covered. I cant see a temp repair possible
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    Redland 52 tiles

    give me a call when am back in the office on Monday. 01914103683
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    Redland 52 tiles

    I can get new redland 52 tiles. i have a supplier that can do them for me.
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    Cost for leak investigation/repair

    2 hours would be enough to put up tower and sort that leak, renewing pipe collar would take around 30mins max, ok i will allow extra hour for collecting materials. For extra couple hours he can program in another easy job to maximise his scaffold costs
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    Flexacryl Instant Roof Repair VS Bitumen Roof Waterproofer ?

    flexacryl is a better option for you, never used the wickes version you mention but the b&q one is crap.
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    Cost for leak investigation/repair

    new pipe collar around £29.99 plus vat, tiles around 30p each. scaffold maybe £50 per day hire. 2 hours labour max. it sounds slightly high cost to me
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    Bettering myself

    Lead dressing/welding. contact the Lead Sheet Association for info
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    Diagonal crack on clay tile on porch roofing

    brown plain tile, around 30 plus vat at most. not an expensive fix
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    breathable roof membrane for 3x3m roof

    I have easy-trim maxi, getting good feedback from everyone that uses it.
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    Which drill?

    After years of owning drills/cordless tools, I finally settled on Panasonic cordless kit. By far the best i have used, bit pricier but worth it
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    Advice needed over slates for 30 degree pitch roof

    we dont get ours from Cembrit, but here is there spec for Brazillian slates...
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    breathable roof membrane for 3x3m roof

    roofer choice is not a good roofers choice, just cheap crap. meets a standard but that's about it. tears very easily, would not have it on my house. I can sell you a 50m roll of higher quality for around the same price as screwfix charge for that, plus £7.20 delivery. screwfix is not cheap
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    Can I reuse tiles with no nail holes?

    Dont grind a slot in to the tiles for nail holes though, it weakens the tile
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    Can I reuse tiles with no nail holes?

    many tiles have no nail holes, they are fixed with clips instead
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    Slate choice

    pretty sure you cant buy direct.
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    Deep fascias and warm roof installations

    you could have a larger drip finish from your membrane, that way it will hide the UPVC fascias.
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    Using the slates again

    There isnt a normal salvage rate, its just a wait and see thing