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    Covering of external air bricks

    Hi all, I'd appreciate some advice concerning air bricks. The step up from my driveway to the front door is quite high, and so I'm intending to put in a door step. The problem is that there's two air bricks under the door. The question is, of course, would it be ok to cover them up? The door...
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    Combi boiler continually needing to be reset

    Hi all, I've got a MAIN Combi Eco 30 boiler and currently have an E168 error code, which I understand to be a catch-all code when something's wrong but it can't work out what. The problem is that this error code started after I had the boiler serviced - which may be entirely...
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    Removing pebbledash back to brick

    Hi all, The subject line says it all really; is it possible to remove pebbledash back to the original brick? I'm looking into buying a house with said pebbledash but it looks awful; assuming the house was built at the same time as the others on the street, there's some really nice brick...