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    Move telephone line

    I live in a bungalow where the telephone line runs from a post in the road across the front garden to a chimney which provides support (with a short length of wire wrapped around the cable) and then from there a short run across the roof and behind the gutter - then down the wall to a small...
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    Rerouting electric supply cabling

    Having finally got a response from NorthernPowerGrid regarding the cabling supplying electricity to my bungalow and that next door, it has been proposed that my neighbour will now get his own individual supply and my cable will be rerouted to facilitate the building of an extension to my...
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    Electrical Mains Supply to Adjacent Properties

    At the front of the bungalow that I purchased a few years ago there is a high pole which is the source of electrical supply to a number of properties in the road. Three power cables run to several adjacent houses and are of no problem to me. However the supply to my bungalow and two other...
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    Replacement roof

    The roof on my bungalow has certainly seen better days and I plan to have it retiled. [Note:- I have already created good access to the loft] It's shape is basically a pyramid with a rear extension in one corner (this area will become a utility room and toilet). The wooden structure itself is...
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    Dual purpose Water Heater

    I am drawing up plans to modify my bungalow and intend to move the existing boiler to a new location and use it to provide the central heating, plus hot water for the bathroom requirements. My aim is to install a water heater for the kitchen, independent of the central heating system. However...
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    Conservatory Roof

    I plan to upgrade and extend my bungalow this year and this will include a new conservatory. Since this will be south facing I am rather concerned about the heat generated in there (and also restricting the heat loss at other times !). Currently the bungalow roof is of a 'pyramid' shape but...