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    screw ontop of auto air vent on baxi 80e

    should the screw ontop of the auto airvent on a baxi 80e but tight or loose?
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    crackling noise in 1 radiator after powerflush

    Hi, I've just had the CH powerflushed and balanced and 1 radiator now seems to be making a crackling noise :shock: Is that normal after a powerflush? seemed to die down a bit when temperature reduced thanks
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    salt on wall about 1/2 to 2 meters from ground behind boiler

    *edit* title should read 1 and a 1/2 to 2 meters from ground..wouldn't let me change it :oops: guesstimation as i have no tape measure either :oops: Due to a problem with my boiler i've noticed that there are salt deposits on the wall behind the boiler :shock: now this area has no...
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    how do i repressure an expansion vessel?

    hi, i have a problem with my baxi 80e combi...just lately the pressure has been exceeding the normal operating pressure of 2.5 by about 2 'dots' but never above 3 bar... turning down the temp seems to help alot and by searching the internet i've found that it could be the expansion...
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    ongoing problem with damp in porch

    After several months of having a builder tell me he couldn't find anything wrong in the porch even tho I could smell it and telling him repeatedly that the problem is in the corner near the door below the membrane dpc where there is no skirting board I have given him his marching orders and...
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    will no one rid me of this troublesome damp smell!!

    Greetings Are you sitting comfortably? then i'll begin... I have a problem with a damp smell..the sort of wet earth/musty my porch i'll spin you a tale to set the story...last year around june time i came home from work after a night shift and as soon as i opened the door i...
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    water supply in victorian era terraced house

    How does the water supply go into a victorian terraced house? Is it through the front of the house under the floor to where the pipe comes out of the utility room floor at the back of the house or would it come around the back way as the pipe in the utility room is tucked right into the...
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    whirlpool front loader won't drain

    Ok so... My whirlpool washing machine won't drain, it just stops and tells me to clean filter..when i take the filter out it's clear. I've disconnected the pipes and checked for blockages and found a 20p coin in the pipe that goes from the drum to the pump..tried again but still it shuts...