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    Another DPM / DPC thread !

    Not wanting to hijack the other thread but I have a similar question - doing a part integral garage conversion ie insulated stud wall 1.5m behind the garage door to leave a small working area. For the new habitable room on the inner side of the stud wall we want to use 220mm of PIR insulation...
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    Will this come off the wall easily?

    Hi, Will the 2 visible screws allow this to come off the wall or are they just holding the cover on ? Going to put insulated plasterboard on that wall and the main meter next to it is on a screwed board which will easily allow me to slide the plasterboard under it - would be nice to do same...
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    The good old eaves height on a bungalow extension messing up Permitted dev. rights chestnut.

    Hi, Have read a number of threads on here where a single story flat roof rear extension on a bungalow hits the issue where the upper face of the flat roof is classed as the new eaves height, therefore will normally be above the existing eaves height and therefore full planning is required, but...
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    Spur off a light Switch ???

    i have a single 2 way light switch (wired up to another 2 way switch to control a particular light elsewhere). I would like to add a new separately switched light very close (within 2 feet) to the 2 way light switch (I just need more light in that area which is a little cubby hole under the...