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    Woodburner flue

    Hi everyone Have been so busy over the last year, had no time to be on line. But I have a problem that I would like some help with .or thoughts on what to do next. Have bought a Hwam clasic wood burner, No time to stop and think, wife wanted it so bought it,Problem it says in small writing it...
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    Concrete floor

    Hi everyone I have a house built 1902 of stone here in rainy Devon. The ground floor is concrete, at least I thought it was, when it rains there are damp patches,so I openend up corner of room and there is only a few inches of screed over stone rubble (looks like farmyard) No d.p.m. So...
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    condensation steel roof

    Hi darkshadow I have a workshop with same roof, to get over problem of condensation,put strips of roof underfelt stapled to joist then cut jablite or similar to fit between beams then cover with ply. job done two years ogo on mine not a drop of damp since.
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    l.e.d gu 10

    I have replaced a conventional gu 10 with an L.E.D type,it still is making a very dim glow when it is off at switch,any ideas why?,was ok with previous bulb a 30 whatt gu10.
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    Tile edge

    Sorry just looked at what I said previous, I meant say glazed edge to tile.
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    Tile edge

    Hi tictic Like the sound of advise you give on tiling problems, perhaps you can help me?. Ten years ago when I tiled my bathroom, used plastic trims,It is starting to look grotty now,and having a German wife,and been over there a lot I notice that they dont seem to use plastic trims because...
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    Compressor choice

    Hi everybody Looking to buy a workshop compressor,a local dealer has Sealey on offer, is this make ok? anyone had experience of this make?,I need one for blowing out wood shaving dust from my machines,maybe for nail gun and pumping up tyres on lawn tractor/car etc. The two i have in mind are...
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    Power tool hot

    A few days ago I used my blue Boash Jigsaw for a quick job in workshop,put it down on bench, got back to workshop this morning and found the tool was warm to touch so was bench,I know we should switch of everything ,but you know,wife want this,cats want that,chicken pop hole needs cutting,just...
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    Slate on Gable end

    Hi Everyone hope you can help me I have a detached House With a west facing wall I want to hang slate or similar on the Gable end, The ques I have is at the edge facing the front or back, what can I finish the sides with, I think the battens would look ugly any ideas Thanks :?: