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    Draining down coz non-working CH rad. Re-use the same water?

    Hi Householder here. Non-expert. Central heating circulation. One of my (total three) radiators doesn't get hot. It is full of water (no air). There is a regular lockshield value at one end and a TRV at the other. They are both open. I have checked the spindle in the TRV (FAQ6). The...
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    Filling/repainting basics for a much-slammed front door

    I'm a bit new to DIY exterior painting, so I'd appreciate some advice. I'm repainting a timber exterior door and frame. 1) The door gets slammed a lot, so I want a filler/paint system that will withstand the vibrations as much as possible. 2) I say 'exterior', but it is under an open awning...
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    Recirculating extractor hood over gas hob - permitted?

    Hi not sure if this is gas regs, electricity regs or building regs, so... I want to install a recirculating extractor hood in a cabinet over a gas hob. I am aware of the requirement for 750mm height clearance, but one article I found also said that you aren't allowed to use the RECIRCULATING...
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    How do you stretch and reattach springs on Everest sliding sash windows?

    Pictures: Hi I have an Everest PVCu sliding sash window with springs. One of the springs on the lower sash has become detached. The bottom end of the spring (picture 1) has come out of the bush (picture 6) that it usually slots into. I couldn't stretch the bottom...
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    Drain down or not for the Winter? Scope of frost stat.

    Evenin' all. I have a Pottertons Combi 80 (Combi 80 G.C. No. 47-393-03) in a single level flat. 4 rads with trvs. No room stat. I am going away for the winter and am trying to decide how to avoid it all freezing while I'm away (without paying a fortune on gas). Specifically, whether to...