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    Indesit iwme12 no power

    Hello my washing machine has no power, checked fuses and plug they are ok. What is the next step Thanks El__burro
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    Gas Fireplace Vs Radiator

    Hello, having to redo a room what would be the most efficient choice a gas fireplace (whole in the wall) or a traditional radiator? Thanks Burro
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    Main supply reducer.

    Hello, I need to remove the very old tap that (used to) close the main supply of cold water. The pipe is not in copper (to be honest I dunno what is made of). It' a 22mm pipe and I am thinking of reducing it to a 15mm. Any suggestions?? thanks Burro
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    Remove and replace door frames

    Hello, I am refurbishing the whole kitchen and doors and door frames (1930ish) must go. I've had the frame stripped to make space for a plastering job The arch inside the wall is still there, can I remove that with no collapsing consequences? How easy is it to fit them myself What is the...
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    Paint over plaster boards

    Hello last weekEnd i've had the kitchen completely plastered, now I need to fit a kitchen so I'll need to paint these walls. Shall I wait (3 weeks) as the plasterer suggested. Thanks Burro
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    Washing Machine (built in) Shopping advice

    I've been spending hours on reviews websites to find out what is the BEST WASHING MACHINE (value for money) on the market. I thought of this forum with the hope of finding some advice Thanks Burro
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    Hoover soft wave washer dryer 1100 NO POWER

    Hello, my WM doesn't start, when I checked the plug was a bit black (burned) inside. I cut it out and refit a new one with new fuse but WM does not respond at all. Checked plug, socket, fuse etc... During these days the place has been very dusty, it could be a cause. Please help
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    Central Heating ON always

    Hi, I've replaced some parts because my boiler could produce hot water but no Central Heating. I replaced the Pressure Gauge and filled up the boiler but if I turn it on.. The Burner starts at maximum and the HEATING are ON despite the control thermostat is on the OFF position. Now I have...
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    Replacing the PRESSURE GAUGE alpha 80FF Style

    Hi, As per subject, I've bought the part online and now I need to replace the broken one. The job itself looks easy but what shall I do before..? i.e. Empty the boiler..?! Many thanks Burro
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    In boiler Thermostat wiring?

    Hi, Does anybody know where to find info regarding the proper wiring order for my thermostat (not the ROOM one) the boiler one I am struggling with my Alpha Ocean 80FF. Now it's gonna get FREEZING.... Please help. Burro
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    HOT water but NO Heating

    Hello, it's that time of the year again and still fighting to get my ALPHA OCEAN 80FF to heat up my house. I've plenty of HOT water but when I turn the thermostat nothing happens. What should I start from? Thanks Frozen Burro