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    Insulation spec for under rafters

    Hi Re-surrecting an unfinished project in an 1820s farmhouse where i submitted a Building Notice in Sept 2007 for a loft conversion to make it into two habitable rooms. How can i establish the spec for insulating beneath the rafters ? rafters only 3" x 2" so i will need 50mm air gap to start...
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    baumatic BDI631 no power

    Hi folks, hope you can help me here dishwasher flooded at the base, when power button is pressed NO lights come on. Have pulled the machine out tonight, scooped the water out of the base tray, checked the fuse in the 3 pin plug all ok. checked anti-flood device, all bone dry smelled the motor...
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    Hot water from Combi intermitant

    Hi Worcester 28CDI Combi, all works ok except that it won't deliver hot water constantly, flames stop and restarts after few seconds. What is the diagnosis please
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    Baumatic dishwasher error lights ?

    Hi All have searched for this information without any success, could anyone inform me what the error diagnostic lights mean Please ? model is BDI631 Dishwasher 7 lights / program lights 1 & 2 solid lit, 3 & 5 flashing Thanks
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    Shower cartridge changed but still intermittent temp

    Was convinced the 15 yr old cartridge needed replacing to sort our shower temp problem. But it seems the worcester 28cdi is cutting in and out, whats the cure please ? THANKS
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    Wiring for replacing 12v MR16s with 240v GU10s

    Hi Is this acceptable ? run 240v switched supply using 2 core cable to each GU10 connected in series using ? connector terminal blocks (choc blok) because the covered round terminal units are too large to go through the downlight apertures ? thanks
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    Cordless NiCad Chargers

    Hi Charger for my Ryobi 14.4v NiCad Drill has packed in. Can i use another charger i have ? Ryobi charger output was 18v 300mA Alternative charger output is 22v 450mA 9.9va - which was also for a 18v NiCad drill plugged it in and the charge light comes on, just concerned if it may...
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    additional shower selection advice req'd

    Hi currently have a Worcester 28cdi combi and 1 Mira balancing shower, works fine if no one else in the house uses any water. Intending to fit another shower in our loft conversion. Should i stick with another balancing type shower or go to electric type ? comments invited, thanks
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    Under rafter insulation

    Ok for my loft conversion i need to insulate under the rafters, multifoil insulation is the most space effiecient and represents 200 thk insulation. Is it still necessary to fit additional rigid insulation celotex/kingspan between the rafters first ? Can i use rockwool type ? Thanks
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    Dual circuit brake failure ?

    Hi recently the brake pedal has dropped and only works from half way not spongy pedal was thinking that maybe a brake pipe had burst jacked the vehicle up and i can rotate either rear wheels when the brake pedal is fully pressed with the engine running ! looked all around the rear...
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    Mira 415 Shower temperature wanders

    Hi Have had this Mira 415 for 12 years fed from a Worcester Combi boiler, have not had to touch it in all those years. Has recently starting intermitanyley varying the water temperature, should i just replace the whole unit or is it just down to a worn cartridge ? Does the pressure...
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    Worcester 28cdi Repressurising the Expansion Vessel

    Hi Having a problem with losing pressure in the system Followed the link to FAQ carried out the exp vessel repressurisation sequence A small dribble of water came out of the air connector with little pressure behind it. So i pumped up the vessel a bit and then released the air...
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    Worcester 28cdi losing press

    Hi Have had a search and good read here but cannot find the answer as yet Please comment Boiler been in for 10 years ok currently gauge reads 0.2bar when heating is on it rises to 3bar when heating is switched off it settles to the norm of 1.5bar, but after 2hours it returns back to...
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    Boiler start sequence only on HW demand

    Having problems with a 28 CDI combi, and would like some ideas on what is the specific solution PLEASE Central heating stops working and 'domestic hot water demand indicator - flashing fast red light. ok Manual says its Air Flow Fault (RSF) checked fan flue, looks ok sparks and...
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    What does a Diverter Valve do ?

    Hi and what are the faults with them ? Having issue with 28cdi Worcester Combi
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    Worcester Combi Fault

    Hi Having problems with a 28 CDI combi, and would like some ideas on what is the specific solution PLEASE Central heating stops working and 'domestic hot water demand indicator - flashing fast red light. ok Manual says its Air Flow Fault (RSF) , Flue Gas Spillage (OF) what do these...
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    SMEG Dishwasher error lights 4 & 5 on

    Hi DWI16 12C Tried to reset without any success When machine is switched on lights 4 and 5 on permanently and after a few seconds intermittent beep sounds continuously Is this a dreaded possible PCB problem ? Are there any checks that can confirm PCB faults ? Assume cost of...
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    SMEG Dishwasher error

    Model DWI16 12C Control Panel error lights 4 and 5 on, what does this error mean ? Have tried to reset the machine the normal way, it does not reset What can i do ?
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    Modifying T & G solid doors to Fire Door Spec

    Is it possible to router a slot in the door and fit intumescent seal section ? Would Bluiding Control accept ?
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    Combi fed shower or electric shower unit

    Hi currently have a shower running from combi boiler, has the usual problem of temp change if any other householder flushs toilet etc. But i wish to fit another shower in the new loft conversion, would it be better to install an electric shower or would this still be affected by water flow...