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    Replace transformer?

    I wonder if I could seek some advice please? We have 6 12V 50W halogen downlighters in our dining room, all operating from the same switch. Two of the lights have recently started to go out after about 5 minutes of operation, and then come back on a while later. They always come on with the...
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    TV and rain

    Hi Mother-in-Law has an analogue TV (circa 1996) which has recently been adapted to receive digital TV through a Freeview box and a new aerial on the roof. This work was done as part of the digital switchover. She is finding that whenever it rains, she cannot get a picture - just lines on...
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    Replacing Wickes alarm

    Hi All My old Wickes wired alarm system has died after about 15 years so I'm looking to replace it. I want to make use of the existing wiring which I put in, so I think I only really need a new panel and bell box. While I am no electronics expert, I was able to install the old one OK, but...
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    How secure is this?

    I'm planning to install a heated towel rail in our kitchen, to be fed from the central heating. I want to mount the rail (1200 high x 480 wide) onto a 500 wide wall. This wall is a combination of brick and a plasterboard boxed in section for the water pipes and soil stack from the bathroom...