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    Kitchen extractor duct size

    Hi guys,not sure if this is the right place to post this, bought my house 15 odd years ago and when we did the kitchen my dad who was an electrician fitted a kitchen extractor fan with pull cord that was vented to outside, it was a big old beefy thing and a few years ago I disconnected it and...
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    blockage/damage on private sewer pipe

    drain company just came back out 2 young lads this time,they jetted it again down gully instead of plunging and it has cleared the problem for time being,they have suggested putting the camera down the soil stack as that will feed into the area where the problem seems to be but will come back to...
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    blockage/damage on private sewer pipe

    yeah they are all closely connected ,i have my washing machine on at the moment and have stood over manhole on boundary while it was emptying and no sign of the water reaching the main sewer,so it is still blocked somewhere, i did however witness a richard the 3rd go by hahahaha i dunno what...
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    blockage/damage on private sewer pipe

    Hi guys my first time here so forgive me if i ask what has already been asked or belongs in a different place. Lived in my property 20yrs mid terrace (ex local authority built mid 40's)and have never had any issues with drains blocking until the last 6 weeks and its happened 3 times! This...