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    sink blocked with paint

    i have stupidly poured a jamjar full of brushcleaner which has had brushes with satinwood paint sitting in it and every time i unblock the sink it blocks again so i guess i need some kind of solvent or something that will break it down but i dont know what son comes back from working in...
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    can I patch new silicone with more silicone

    Have spent the whole day tearing my hair out and arguing with my son while we replaced our kitchen sink. Whoever invented those stupid little clamp things to hold the sink in place should be hung drawn and quartered in my opinion!!!!.....Anyway finally its in and my son threw in the towel and...
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    aqualisa quartz shower problems

    I installed the aqualisa quartz shower about 6 weeks ago its worked perfectly until yesterday it now starts normally when I turn it on then after about 30 seconds it clicks and starts wooshing noises while the water switched to scalding hpt then freezing cold before cutting out altogether...
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    wiring a double light switch

    we are trying to change an old metal double light switch for a new plastic one one we have an mk plug with 2 black boxes inside and each one has 3 thingummy bobs marked L1, COM and L2 we have two black wires and two red wires and one green ahd yellow we have tried the two red in the two L!'s...
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    too big holes for the plug sockets

    I ave tiled my kitchen wall and have made some of the holes for the sockets too big so there is a gap between the edge of the socket and the tille...stupid but its done and the tiles are up....any suggestion .... can I bung a load of grout in the space or silicone or are there some extra wide...
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    electric plug screws

    I have tiled over the tiles in my kitchen and now need extra long scrws to fix the plug sockets back but the sockets I have has threads for 3mm screw but I have looke online everyone uses 3.5 does anyone know where I can get 3mm electric 50 or 75mm screws or know another way ound the problem...
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    gas and electric certificates

    can anyone advise me how to go about getting gas and electric certificates I need to allow me to rent my house out as a holiday let
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    sanding between coats

    is it always better to sand between coats
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    replacing kitchen cupboard fronts

    Hi I have been given some used B&Q cupboard and drawer fronts to spruce up my kitchen I am going to have to buy about 3 more and I should have a completely new kitchen. The trouble is that the hinges on my old cabinets are in different places to the holes and hinges in the doors and it seems it...
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    floor paint

    Hi I have repainted my floor with floorpaint and need to put a second coat on but am wondering wether I should sand between coats I tried a corner and when I put the paint on it seemed to pull up on the first coat and had a bubbly result is it better not to sand? Or have I not left it long...
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    cutting glass with a tile cutter?

    I have a thick (about12mm) glass shelf I want to cut down does anyone know if I can do it with a tike cutter or do I have to go to the shop and pay them to do it. Thanks sarah
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    restoring photographic prints on canvas

    Hi I have just inherited some really nice paintings and photographic prints printed straight on to canvas but they have been sitting in a barn for years and have layers of general dust/grease I wonder if anyone can tell me what I can use to clean them up a bit without damaging thanks
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    re using lead

    Hi again I have jusy had a large bay window replaced with a flat one and have a large piece of lead to scrap but I also have a much smaller bay window in my kitchen where thives have nicked the lead and I am wondering if I can use some of the old lead to replace the nicked lead
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    what primer to use with mould

    I have had a terrible damp/mould problem and have totally gutted and replaced my bathroom which crossing my fingers has shown no sign of return of mould so far (about 6 weeks now) and am now in adjoining bedroom wich I have stripped back and replastered in areas where the mould was it has been...
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    Finding a builder to install a window

    Hi people having a problem finding a builder who will install a window I have . It is a first floor window at the moment it is a bay which should never have been put there I need to replace it with a flat window which I have aquired second hand its 3meters wide by 1 meter high. Any ideas where I...
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    mould and more mould

    I have had a condensation/mould problem that literally arrived one day about 3 years ago. I have a concrete ceiling above which is a walkway where the paving stones have cracked and there are a lot of pot plants I think the asphalt my have cracked but there is a dispute as to wether this is so...
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    repairing double glazing

    My double glazing is getting the misty condensation problem I have been told they can be repaired or reglazed and not sure what this entails or if it would e better to replace the whole windows. The frames seem absolutely fine and not all the units have gone misty. Any comments from anyone who...
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    banging in my pipes

    Had my bathroom refurbished took the bath out replaced with a shower, new sink, new loo and a radiator/towel rail replaced and ever since there is loud banging and rumbling noises coming from the pipes. Seems to be no rhyme or reason sometimes it starts up after turning on a tap or flushing the...
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    Tilie over Tiles

    Hi I have a downstairs loo that is beautifully tiled in the ugliest of tiles and I have loads of lovely tiles left over from doing my bathroom I have never done tiling before but I watched the geezer tile the bathroom so I know the principles but what I need to know is can I tile over the...
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    wiring bathroom extractor ventaxia 100xh

    help i dont know which wire to put where and my beautiful new bathroom has no window so we need this thing working before