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    Isolated towel radiator question

    Hi all Got a sealed system, boiler been losing about 0.4bar over a week. I have found a pinhole leak half way up the towel rad (where one of the horizontal bars meets the vertical frame) so am hoping that's the cause of the pressure loss. I have closed both valves to isolate the offending rad...
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    Boiler pressure too high when CH on

    Hi all I have a Remeha Avanta 24s, nearly 10 years old, recently serviced with EV repressurised. If I put CH on, the pressure goes from 1.1bar to over 3 bar within 20 mins. I've turned it off, when I do the pressure bar momentarily flickers up to nearly 4 bar, then gradually comes down. If I...
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    Immersion Heater Element / Boiler Pressure Loss

    Hi all I have a HW cylinder that leaks slightly from where the immersion element is screwed into the cylinder. It can go several days and not leak, then this morning for example there's 200ml of water in the tub I've placed underneath it. Couple of plumbers had a look and loathe to touch it in...
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    Yale HSA6400 beeping problem

    Hi I've got the Yale HSA6400 wireless alarm which I installed a year ago. Recently the control panel has started to emit a beep every 30 seconds. It does this for a few hours then stops. And starts again the next night. The system hasn't been tampered with and the yellow light has not...
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    Hardwired vs Wireless programmer

    Hi all Hope someone can give me some advice. We have a hardwired Honeywell ST699 24hr programmer in the airing cupboard. This controls the on/off times of the water/heating. When we had the bolier replaced, plumber kept the Honeywell controls and also installed a Siemens wireless RDJ10RF...
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    Marble Fireplace

    Hello all, maybe someone can help... Took the old wooden fire surround out and out fell the (heavy) marble that was around the fireplace (two short slabs and long slab along the top). When I put in my new oak surround, what is the best material to use to affix the marble back to the wall...
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    Dulux Trade Satinwood

    Hello all, Dulux Trade Satinwood says on the tin that I should use 2 I need to sand between coats? Thanks
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    Varnish floor with a roller

    Hi All, About to varnish parquet floor with coloured diamond hard ronseal. The room is 16' x 12' so to make the job less of a ball breaker was wondering if it is ok to apply using a roller instead of a brush? If so, what sort of roller should I use? And how many coats? Many thanks!
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    Using Noggings in ceiling joists

    Hello all. I live in a 40s bungalow and have just removed the front room ceiling as the old one was in a poor state. 14ft long 3" x 2" joists span the width of the room at 400mm intervals. Some are sagging and twisted a bit. Thus, I need to get the joists as level as possible before the new...