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    New Hotpoint cooker: intermittent fault?

    I've just connected a new Hotpoint cooker (HUE 53PS). Everything worked, except for the main oven (no interior light, no fan). After many attempts to make sure there was no delay programmed (I was sure there wasn't) and many turns of the control knob to check again, I went to bed. This morning...
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    Why arent wood planes all rebate type?

    It's not unusual to come across secondhand rebate planes which have been welded together after an accidental drop on a hard floor; probably a difficult weld to make successfully, and maintain the straightness of the plane.
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    Fiesta fuel pump removal

    I solved this in the end, though I'm not proud of the way I did it. Assuming the pump was of no further use, I picked off the outer collars on both connectors using needle-nosed pliers; the plastic was fairly brittle. Squeezing the lugs in the collar is supposed to move them inwards and...
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    Router confusion

    The most recent router I bought was a Bosch palm router (GKF600) with which I've been very pleased. It comes with a number of bases, which makes for a very adaptable tool. You can convert it from a fixed-base to a plunging router, at a price. I have a number of other 1/4" routers, most of...
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    Fiesta fuel pump removal

    Thank you. I've tried this, but there seems to be no movement of the connector in or out of the fitting, with or without the lugs squeezed in. I'm using pliers (smooth-jawed, to try to avoid creating any further problems).
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    Fiesta fuel pump removal

    I'm changing the fuel pump on a Mk IV Fiesta. I'm struggling to remove the fuel lines from the pump connectors (colour coded red and white). I've tried squeezing the plastic tabs on the sides, but can't get the line fitting to release. Now I've managed to snap off one of the tabs, so...
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    Ladders Sales Direct, anyone used them?

    This may be even later, but there is information on the ladder exchange scheme here.
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    Old tools

    The Tools and Trades History Society is an excellent source of all kinds of hand tool knowledge. Useful books are: W L Goodman, British Planemakers from 1700 (ISBN 0713507683) and R A Salaman, Dictionary of Tools used in the Woodworking and Allied Trades 1700-1950 (ISBN 0046210202). As far...
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    Fixing Oven hood into 1" Plaster

    Those fixings (are they about 25mm long?) may hold well enough in the plaster for now; the problem is that if as you say the plaster is about one and half inches thick, it could break out and the hood could fall. Bear in mind that if someone were to lean on the front edge of the hood they could...
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    What is it?

    Wotan has the correct answer: the movable knob is designed to be repositioned to ease shoe leather pressure on particular points, especially, as JML says, for bunions.
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    Big bro' is no mo'?

    This would be good news, except for the probability that in its place will come a TV format that's even more depressingly dumbed down.
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    Apologies for ole chesnut but now desparate

    A rawlplug won't hold in a hole in a steel lintel. You would need to use a hollow fixing. You've been given better advice by Sunray and Regsmyth. If you need to remove the screw that's turning in the oversize hole, you could try using a pair of locking pliers to pull and simultaneously...
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    Stripping and staining a kitchen table

    Commercial mass-produced furniture is often finished nowadays in two-pack finishes which are very hard to remove. You could try a chemical stripper, but a heat gun would be more likely to succeed. However, the labour involved is hardly worthwhile. Ikea furniture is not a such a high quality...
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    Best way to raise Floor Level?

    Your joists need to be deeper than four inches if you're creating a dining room. You will need to take into the account the loading on the floor and the span of the joists to calculate what you need. Don't forget you'll need to provide ventilation for the void.
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    Where is all the carbon coming from

    I too fully support energy saving and the recycling (or better still, reuse) of materials. I don't support the mass delusion of man-made global warming theories and the consequent authoritarian measures by bureaucrats to impose yet more taxes and restrictions on us. It seems there are...
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    Any projects planned for the Bank Holiday weekend?

    I'm enlarging the entrance to the loft and fitting a loft ladder. So far I've cut the ceiling out and fitted new trimmers (it's a bit worrying when you're at the stage of having floppy unsecured joists). Now I have to try to lower the preassembled hatch and frame down into the hole and...
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    Screw supplier

    Standard unplated steel bolts and screws look black(ish). Fastfix are a good online supplier. If the finish is important you could get the materials to blacken them chemically. However, when I've need to do the same in the past I've decided that painting the heads black is the easier option.
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    treating softwood for outside

    If the timber hasn't already been treated, paint it in flood coats of wood preserver. If you're able to stand it in a bath of preserver so that it soaks into exposed end grain, then do so. Then use a good microporous paint to coat it. However, don't expect softwood to have a very long life...
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    Worktops, mitres and cutouts

    No, PVA doesn't go soggy of it gets wet after it's cured. No more than concrete would go sloppy in the rain after it's set hard.
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    Glass prices for double glazed units.

    It will be significantly cheaper to replace the glazing units rather than the frames plus glazing, not to speak of the making good that would be involved in changing the frames. Removal of the glazing beads is straightforward enough but it can take a bit of perseverance to acquire the knack...