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    Workshop pit boards

    My workshop has an inspection pit that isn't used.The gaps between the boards get full of dust and crap and I'd like to seal them up if possible. I was thinking of using something like Stixall multi purpose wall and floor adhesive.Do you think that would work or is there something more suitable...
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    Am I missing a part ?

    I bought a clicker type bath waste a few weeks back from my local merchants. Have a look at the picture,am I missing a part,it doesn't look right to me ?
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    Replacement cistern valve

    I have a bottom feed cistern with a push button. The valve sticks randomly so I'm looking to replace it. Having looked at the Screwfix catalogue I think mine is a fluidmaster. I'm loathe to go with the same brand but they do get the best reviews.Have I just been unlucky and is there a better...
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    Glue or tape

    I will shortly be laying vinyl sheet over ply in my bathroom....toilet,vanity unit etc to be installed afterwards. It's only a small room,1.8 x 2.7. Should I use a spray adhesive over the entire floor ? Just the edges ? Or use double sided tape ?
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    What adhesive for wall panels

    I nned some adhesive for fixing pvc wall panels to moisture resistant plasterboard. The wall panel supplier says any silicone sealer will do the job but I'm more inclined to go for a grab type product. I've been looking at Screwfix's offerings and there's a huge choice. Some say 1 surface should...
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    Most efficient way to heat water

    With a combi which is the most effecient method for heating water ? Do you set the boiler temperature so the temp at the tap is ideal or set it higher so you have to add cold ? I'm guessing the 1st way the boiler is working for longer but at a lower temperature. Probably wouldn't make much...
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    Polymarble basins

    I'm looking at bathroom vanity units in a modern style and they mostly seem to come with polymarble basins. What's the general vedict on these ? A poor substitute for ceramic or a genuine modern alternative ?
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    What's a good brand of tap ?

    I am looking for a mono basin mixer and matching wall mounted bath mixer. I found some I like the look of,made by Bristan but then I found some terribly negative comments online re the quality. What brands should I be looking at ? Budget under £400 preferably Thanks
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    Flexicom 18hx ignition problem

    My 7yr old Flexicom 18hx condensing boiler started giving me problems earlier this year.Basically it wouldn't ignite.My gas engineer couldn't find any problems except that the combustion reading was slighlty out.He re-set it and all was fine for a few months but it's started playing up again...
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    Bifold door track

    I'm thinking of replacing a standard 78x30 door with a bifold like this one. My only concern is the door frame.It's a 1930's house so the frame isn't particularly square and there's a bit...
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    LEC fridge freezer

    I have a LEC TF5517 frost free fridge freezer. It was bought new in july 2013 Some months ago I started getting ice forming on the floor of the freezer. I got myself a thermometer to put in the fridge to monitor the temperature. I set the fridge to 4'c Now I've noticed that it stays at...
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    Radio interference

    I don't know if this is the correct forum but...... Today I had broadband installed at work. Now my cordless phone doesn't work and the mains radio has bad interference. Am I right in thinking the cordless phone and the router are probably using the same 2.4ghz frequency and this is why...
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    Where's the water gone ?

    I've just come back from a week away.When I left I turned the stop tap off in the kitchen.When I turned it back on the cold water tank upstairs started to fill for about 5 minutes. I have no dripping taps or signs of leaks. The toilet is connected to the mains. Where's the water gone ?
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    Cold water tank valve problem

    I have a cold water tank in the bathroom.The other day I noticed water coming out of the overflow so went out and bought a new valve and float. Bent the arm to the same angle as the old one and fitted it. Turned the water back on and the tank filled to about 2 or 3 inches below the overflow...
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    Floor for garden shed

    I've just built a Yardmaster metal garden shed over a slab base but anchored into concrete in the corners. It comes with a metal frame that you lay under a wooden floor to provide support. I'm now contemplating what flooring to use. One option might be t+g chipboard sheet.I know it's not...
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    Heated towel rails.What to look for,what to avoid

    As the title says,I'm looking to buy a heated towel rail when I redo my bathroom in the spring. The bathroom is roughly 9ft by 6ft by 8ft high with an airing cupboard taking up 3ft by 2 1/2ft so I was hoping to do without a conventional radiator and have the towel rail as the sole source of...
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    B & Q toilets any good ?

    I'm in need of the toilet :lol: and quite like the look of this one Are all loos much of a muchness or should I be looking at buying from a plumbers merchants...
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    Room stat,when does it call the boiler ?

    Ok,so I have a Drayton RTS 1 room stat set at 21 degrees on the dial. I can feel the temperature dropping but it has to be a good 3 or 4 degrees below that before the boiler kicks back in. Is that normal ? Or should it be coming in as soon as the temperature drops below 21' in which case...
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    Leaf blowers

    are they any good as vacuums ? For example will they pick up dust off a concrete floor ?
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    Patios and weeds

    Many years ago I laid a patio in my back garden over a sand base. I'm fighting a yearly battle with the dreaded weed ! Could I lift the slabs and lay a membrane over the sand and then re lay the slabs ? Will this work ?