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    Painted corner of wall gone very powderery.

    I have recently painted a bedroom and one corner of an outside wall as gone very powdery, the wall has had a damp course, although that was about 40 years ago, it also was insulated about ten years ago, this problem only effects about 1 square metre in the bottom corner, any help please.
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    plastering a single wall approx costs

    I have a outside wall that as been ravaged by damp, would a plasterer require all of the crumbling wall chipping away prior to them replastering, and a rough guide as to cost wall size is 5mX2.5m thanks
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    Black mould spots

    Black mould spots keep reappearing at the top of a bedroom wall and ceiling edge, this is a outside wall how can I cure ,any advice please
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    Hotpoint WD860

    Latley cleaned all fluff and bits from around drier heater element, wife today tried to use and the panel is showing F13 any help please?
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    Fiat Siencento

    How to adjust handbrake cable on Fiat Siencenti 51 plate
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    hotpoint wd860 machine

    How do I take case from machine hotpoint wd860 to check drier element
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    Dirty smell from machine when on tumble dry

    I have a hotpoint WD860 washing machine every time weput it on the tumble dry programme it omits a dirty smell as though it is holding rancid water any help please to locate and cure this, thanks