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    Tile ID

    Just a quick check, can anyone please confirm is these are 'ludlow major' tiles? (pic attached) I need a vent tile for a fan, there seem to be a few concrete tiles of this type. Thanks
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    Tiling onto Plywood

    Sorry if this is going over old ground.. I have boxed in some pipework to provide a panel behind a 'back-to-wall' toilet and bidet. The panel is 13mm structural ply which I intend to tile with 600x300 ceramic wall tiles, tiled area roughly 1600x850mm. It's in a traditional bathroom (not wet...
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    Fixing shower tray with riser kit

    Hi folks, just after some clarification, hope you can help.. I am installing a 1200x800 shower tray, into a corner, which will then have a small partition erected and a sliding door to complete the enclosure. I intended to mortar the tray to a waterproofed ply floor (as per MI's), but...
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    Filling loop for Solar HW circuit

    Does it matter which side of a (swing type) check valve to tee in a filling loop?
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    TRV upgrade on air source system. Drayton TRV4?

    Hi, I am replacing a couple of radiators with (bigger) Stelrad K2s, to compensate for lower temp Air Source heat pumps (55deg). The originals were fitted with Drayton/Invensys RT212 valves in 2004. Remaining rads will be replaced next Summer, but these need to be done now. The air source...
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    22mm drop for rad on air source heat pump

    I am replacing rads after an air source heat pump conversion earlier this year. With the drop in system temp I am using bigger rads and fitting a 1600 x 600 stelrad K3 in the dining room. The 22mm feed from above will tee to feed a pair of rads in two rooms on the 1st floor and this one...
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    Maintenance mode for Accenta 6 alarm

    Apologies if my question is covered on an old post or sticky.. I have looked but not found. Just moved in to a house with this alarm, seller has not been particularly generous with keys, paperwork or admin in general. Thankfully I do have the alarm code for an Accenta 6, with 3 PIR zones, 2...
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    looking for a recommended system/installer in Bath

    Just bought a victorian terrace in Bath. Will be renting to my son and other students. Existing back boiler for CH and DHW, gas fire in one room, with capped supplies to at least two others. I would like to bin the lot (keep existing rads though) and install a combi in either kitchen or...
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    Drilling clay tiles

    I need to drill two 30mm holes to plumb in some solar panels. The roof has dreadnought plain clay tiles and I have a pair of lead flashings with a collar to allow 22mm copper pipes. Two questions: What is the best drill bit for this, bearing in mind it's not going to see much use and I don't...
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    Black Trunking

    Anyone know where I can get Black Trunking? 50x50mm or thereabouts. Can't find anything online, D-line exists, but not big enough. I'd prefer PVC. Thanks, Rudy.
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    Gas Testing

    I intend to use an existing run of 15mm copper to supply bottled propane to a hob - roughly 10m. The pipe run was installed to supply a fridge but never used. The hob will be re-jetted and installed by a CORGI installer as well as the gas changeover valve to switch between 2 bottles located...
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    Damp proofing products?

    Hi me again, same wall - further down.. (Lintel post a few days ago) The wall has been a bit moist, but cleared for rising or penetrating damp. However it bit still have limited ventilation in a cold corner so advice is to tank the stonework and re-render with waterproof additive. Any...
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    Lintel for storage hole

    Hi. I have an old 400mm stone wall (chalk/flint/granite mix) in my kitchen - originally an external gable wall, now inside a 2-storey extension. Wall is 3m+ wide and has a tall hearth roughly in the middle topped with a 6x6in Hardwood lintel. I want to make a hole in the wall to the left of...
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    Which Glue?

    Not strictly plumbing I know, but definately bathroom :) My bath plug is broke :( ceramic disc has come unglued from plastic base with rubber seal Silicone mastic or hot glue? I normally go for araldite or whatever epoxy resin for things like this, but I don't think it bonds to plastic...
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    Router Recommendation

    Hi, I need a router. Been browsing for one for years, I want better build quality than the cheapies, but the big prices on the likes of DeWalt have always put me off. Reckon I've got 80-100 quid to spend What I really want is one of these 'made by Makita/DW/Bosch but half the price' jobs. Any...
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    Dishwasher waste

    I am reinstalling a kitchen sink and dishwasher. The new sink is a double bowl with a combined waste kit, including a spigot for an appliance outlet. I would prefer not to use this as it is close to the sink waste and others I've used like this make a row when the d/w drains. The combined...
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    Can I run a garage sub-main from a 50A MCB?

    Hi. I Have a garage in need of power and an almost full CU on O/H TT earth, with remote 30mA RCD, between the supply and the CU (std REB fit). The garage is 25-30m from the house and another 5m from the CU. There's an existing but faulty SWA cable to the garage, only point in mentioning this...
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    Which trap?

    Are there regs on which traps to use on a kitchen sink? I have only really seen P traps used on the proverbial KS. Plenty of 40mm bottle traps around, so I guessing its ok? Any other practical reasons to opt for one over the other? Cheers.
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    Programmable Thermostat vs Programmer

    I've read through some posts on PT's and there is no doubt on their usefulness. I intend to replace a mech. stat with a Honeywell CM67/907. What is usually done with the standard programmer for the CH? To make full use of the PT, it would appear the heating should be on 24/7 to allow for...
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    Internal reducer for solvent weld waste

    I'm a newbie, but have been surfing this forum for some time. Well I registered so I must think it's good, very good to be fair. Does a 40>32mm reducer exist to fit inside the 40mm pipe? I need to reroute a short run and the existing 40mm pipe is in a tight spot, I can't get a straight...