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    Worcester bosch Greenstar 37cdi losing pressure Sanity check

    Hi all, Over the last couple of days my Worcester bosch Greenstar 37cdi has been losing a lot of pressure. I have been topping it up during the day but it loses all pressure over night. I searched through previous posts on here and have checked the following as a result. - No leaks...
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    best way to treat new oak staircase?

    Hi all, Just had a new solid oak staircase installed today. I don't plan on carpeting it at all, but it will only be walked on with sock or slippers, never shoes. What am I best using to protect it while changing its appearance as little as possible? I want to treat it tomorrow morning and my...
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    Accenta G3 Alarm problem.

    Hi All, I need your help again please this time with an alarm issue. I have a Accenta G3 alarm that was installed by a company for the previous owner of the house. I have been doing some decorating this week and took the internal siren and one sensor off the wall but didn't disconnect either...
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    Changing From Ceiling Rose to Modern Light.

    Hello, I have recently had the electrics rewired including the lights. In one room I want to replace the ceiling rose (which is in downstairs loop) with a modern light fitting. The new light just has a 3 block connector L, N, G, but the ceiling rose has 3G, 2N, 3L, 1L, 1N with L sleve, plus 2...
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    Electric Meter in Shower Room

    Hi again all, I have a electricity meter in a cabinet in a room that is currently a toilet/cloak room. The room is approx 2mx2m and I plan to put a shower and extractor in there. Will I be ok to leave the elec meter in the box as long as the room has good ventilation, the shower will be at...
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    Upgrading Old Fuse Board - Contrasting Quotes

    Hi All, This is the first of what I am sure will be thousands of posts over the next couple of years as I have just bought my first home and it needs a fair bit of modernising. I would like to upgrade the current pull-out fuse style fuse board to a modern RCD type. I have had a number of...