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    Garden wall bridging water course

    Hello, I live in a Victorian terraced house with an injected damp course. I am pretty sure the brick boundary wall in the garden is bridging the damp course and causing quite significant damp on the inside of the house. My question is what is the solution? Does the garden wall need need to be...
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    Neighbors extension party wall problem

    Hello, I live in a terraced house and some contractors have purchased the neighboring house to renovate which includes an extension to the rear. There used to be a small lean to on all the houses, of which one wall forms the party boundary. On my side, I had the lean to knocked down and the...
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    Drill for around or under £50

    Hi, I am new to this forum and I am just looking for a bit of advice on buying a drill. I am looking for one for general use, for around or under £50, preferably reduced from a higher price. I have a couple which I am thinking of getting This Lamborghini Tonino Combi Wireless for £52...