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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 37CDi Every Panel Light Flashing

    Hello all I hope someone can help (sorry about the long description) I have a 4 year old Worcester Greenstar 37CDi installed in my loft. For the past few weeks it's been making some strange noises, the only way I can describe it is that it sounds as if it's trying to start up over and over...
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    Aqualisa Cartridge Do I need to change it?

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I guess that proves what I was told was correct and the pink cartridge is the correct one for my combi setup. Just seems starnge though as it appears to work fine with the existing grey one. Cheers
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    Aqualisa Cartridge Do I need to change it?

    Hi there I've just replaced my old regular boiler for a new combi boiler and have been told that I need to change the grey cartridge (part no 022801) in my shower, which is an Aqualisa Aquatique for a pink cartridge (022801). The thing is though when I turn my shower on with the new combi...
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    Worcester Bosch 12Ri Question?

    Hi there Not really a problem just some advice needed please. I've had a quote in to replace my 10 year old Baxi solo boiler with a Worcester Bosch 12Ri regular condensing boiler. I live in a 1930's 3 bed semi with one bathroom and largish rooms. The house has 7 radiators in total. Will this...
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    Boiler Not Firing Up

    For anyone who has similar symptons the problem was indeed the fan which has now been replaced and everything is working. Incidentally the heating engineer charged me £160. Does that sound fair?
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    Boiler Not Firing Up

    First Post so here goes I came home yesterday to find no hot water or central heating. Got up in the loft where the boiler is situated to find it hadn't fired up and there was just a humming noise coming from the top. The boiler is a Baxi Solo 2 PF. The "boiler on" light and fan light...