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    Worcester 28 cdi help please

    on the back of the facia is that were youve moved the selector
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    No Access problems to leaking pipe.

    no chance it was on a sealed system but i know i got lucky if they go again i wont be doing that it will be full works
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    No Access problems to leaking pipe.

    i agree with you but the time i used it was one of them "got to try it or its going into a big job and i just didnt fancy it" so i know its not ideal but it was a godsend for me
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    No Access problems to leaking pipe.

    give her the option of trying internal sealer it is made for that job in mind and tell her the obvious you recommend reroute or lift floor but this is a last option you want to take but its her choice
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    No Access problems to leaking pipe.

    get some internal leak sealer and it comes in a sillicone type tube so get a sillicone gun and honestly ive tried it 3 times this year and 3 times it worked like you no acsess but tried it and great
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    bosch 280 boiler fires up then cuts out

    Is it trying to fire up again itself if you leave it or do you have to turn it on and off,if it keeps trying then it may be that the flow switch isnt operating properly
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    floor stander potterton flow switch?

    been out to a potterton pro floorstanding condensing boiler only a couple of years old but they had it moved only a few feet and it hasnt worked since now i went and im just back from there and i said "if its just been moved 3 feet and nothing else then check to see if hes crossed the pipework"...
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    3 way valve and pump

    Right so the valve is 3 port now what have you removed,the silver cover which shows the motor,all you needed to do was but it to manual and see if the rads got hot have you vented the system,then put the pump to 2 and see if it works it may be pushing over,have you a gate valve on the hot water...
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    Boiler overheating?

    get a by pass fitted close to the boiler,what boiler is it
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    Please Help - 22mm Copper Pipe??

    ask for metric to imperial couplings or ypou can get olives to fit onto conex fittings
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    Old pipework failed, whos fault ?

    Cheers boys and i got paid for the job but as you will know yourselves its horrible thinking "what if i have to pay out for all there costs" it would have meant me packing up and trying to find a decent firm,but ive learnt from it and if i ever do find myself in that situation it wont be me...
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    Saunier duval good or bad?

    I give him the option of a S/D and powerflush in place of his existing combi (ariston euro) for a price of £1.200 or a worcester 28i junior and powerflush for £1450 and i admit to telling him the following "Saunier duval combi is virtually the same as the glowworm combi on the market,if you look...
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    Old pipework failed, whos fault ?

    I got a letter today from the customers solicitor saying " due to a family illness my clients do not need the upset this is going to cause them,so with your agreement the court case will not be needed and as from today the claim is not going ahead".It was 2 pages long but thats the jist of it...
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    Saunier duval good or bad?

    I would like your views on Saunier Duval boilers please. I am asking as i have been fitting these for the past 2 years as a cheaper option than the worcester 28i juniors which i find very expensive now as the price went mad when it went from a normal 28 i junior to the condensing model. I have...
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    Worcester 24i wots going on?

    Does it try to ignite a few times then after a few goes it will,if so it could be that it will ignite after a few goes because theres enough gas let through to ignite,it may be theres not enough gas to ignite it first time so may be gas valve or the gas inlet needs opening to allow more gas through
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    valliant boiler problem

    close the hot rads and see if it pushes heat to cold rads,if it does then close the rads lockshields down so it lets just enough through to heat rads
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    valliant boiler problem

    What rads dont heat up,are they the furthest or are they off a set of drops,are they fed off the same pipe run as the ones heating up or as i asked are they off drops,im just trying to figure out if its just the other rads robbing them of heat
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    I have de-sludged and drained down, and still have cold rads

    What you closed sounds like your hot water flow circ,so you stopped the cylinder circs which allowed the heating to get full heat and not get robbed by the circs,also try lowering your pump as it is pushing up and over into the tank
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    Think I have blocked pipes in my radiator circuit.

    Is that a hint of sarcasim Jamie,anyhow i tried this on a system that had a couple of cold rads and forced mains through the pipes and it forced enough to allow heat to get through,i still would let the x400 have a gom as well if this isnt a sucsess
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    Think I have blocked pipes in my radiator circuit.

    Why not try connecting a hose to the pipe that you say is just dribbling out and close the other rads and see if it can push any crap up and out the expansion,with it being 10mm it doesnt need much to stop the flow and it may move enough to allow circulation. There isnt a anti grav valve anywere...