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    Hotpoint FFA47X Fridge Freezer - suddenly noisy!

    Hello Hoping you can help… I have a Hotpoint FFA47X fridge freezer - two years old and just out of the shop warranty. Problem is it has suddenly become very noisy when it runs – started about two days ago. When you open the fridge door the ‘fan’ stops and the noise stops – close it and it...
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    Worcester Junior 28i pressure drops out so faults

    I have a Worcester Bosch Junior 28i gas combi boiler (standard - not condensing) commissioned about 6 months ago. Been working great but over the past month I have to make sure I check the pressure regularly as it often falls to below 1 bar - so I top up via the filling loop and all is fine for...
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    Whirlpool ADG 7540 Dishwasher faulting - no water coming in

    Hi - hope you can help me. This is a new dishwasher (gift so no guarantee). Worked the first time I used it but now when I select any cycle it sounds like it is trying to let the water in - but nothing actually makes it into the machine. About 1-2 minutes into any cycle it beeps...