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  1. Gazman16

    garage door beeping away

    Sounds like motor or safety brake issues then. Assuming you can wind both up and down manually? If so its not the brake and must be the motor Different make of door with a few variations but this is a pretty good video for diy replacement
  2. Gazman16

    garage door beeping away

    I literally have an instruction manual in-front of me as I have an issue with mine too at the moment, Stopped working after I changed the battery's as the safety edge and control unit seem to have lost the pairing and I cannot repair them (light on the safety edge will not come on when pushing...
  3. Gazman16

    Exposed bricks at bottom of door

    Pvc trim Maybe black to match the drain or could go with some slate (naturally damp proof) might need to dig it down a bit to prevent blocking the drainage on the door
  4. Gazman16

    How to stay compliant and get windows done at lower price?

    Go with a local window company to quote: Survey and supply only And also separate fit price Maybe offer to dispose of waste, have dustsheets down ready and to do the cleaning. Cheap windows and doors are cheap for a reason (crap materials and construction), Have fitted loads of cheap doors...
  5. Gazman16

    I've got 3 UPVC windows that need to be installed - would it be best to ask a carpenter to do this?

    As Crank says go with someone you know is experienced with fitting PVC windows. Its the tiny things that if missed can cost you a whole new window and refitting to put right. The common one is people not knowing how and where to seal the cill to the frame. Tiny thing that takes 5 seconds but...
  6. Gazman16

    Replacement windows: are prices low now?

    This exactly Crazy busy and prices are only heading up
  7. Gazman16

    Smart Visifold 1000 Bifold doors

    Personally I would go 3 doors all going the same way or 4 doors opening from the middle with no traffic door. I love the DV176 cill/thresh, Nice low, weather rated and strong. I have fitted 3.6 x 2.4h doors and had no issues/call backs
  8. Gazman16

    Changing seals on double glazing (internal) - easy??

    Pull a bit out and look at the cross section end , Sketch it and take some sizes. Look for gasket samples on ebay, Once you know the code you can buy it by the meter for 99p
  9. Gazman16

    Concrete Screws for Composite Door?

    I usually use 120mm or 150mm. Fixings should go at least 50mm into the block/brick, The frame is usually around 40-60mm thick
  10. Gazman16


    Any grease will do, Vaseline is just handy to carry and it you use it on things like door multi point locks as it is clear it doesn't reck clothes like dark colored grease can if you catch yourself on the edge of the door. Good pic of the hinge, That is a friction hinge. Can you post pics of...
  11. Gazman16


    If the windows have friction hinges (you may need to google a photo) they can ware and stop pulling in tight on the hinge side. So if there are drafts on the opposite side to the handles that could be your problem. 8 times out of 10 if they are not too far gone giving them a good clean and lube...
  12. Gazman16

    Extension french door - changing locks

    First pencil mark exactly where the metal plate sits on the mullion (so it goes back in same place) Take off the metal locking plate (yellow/zinc screws) If any are under 10mm long but them straight back in. You may or maynot find a hole through the mullion to the cylinder screw, If not I would...
  13. Gazman16

    offset spindle lever pad - is a change to NON night-latch possible?

    They can easily do that anyway if its only locked on the latch. Credit card, Butter knife, Little shoulder bump and pop its open. Lever Pad set up makes people lazy by not locking the door properly, Bad for both security and causing doors to bow
  14. Gazman16

    offset spindle lever pad - is a change to NON night-latch possible?

    Nope just need to change the handles to a standard lever/lever set with a one piece spindle. Basically the second spindle hole on the outside becomes redundant which is the one that doesn't operate the latch
  15. Gazman16

    offset spindle lever pad - is a change to NON night-latch possible?

    Yes easy Pretty much just a new spindle needed.... Are the internal and external handles offset (different heights)? If so you will need some new handles too, Which come with spindles anyway. Here is a guide for measuring handles, You do need to be millimeter perfect which is a little tricky...
  16. Gazman16

    New door sill needed?

    150 cill and door with low aluminum threshold
  17. Gazman16

    How can I tell if this glass is safe ?

    Is that for rental property's mate? I was asking on the Facebook forum recently if there was a requirement to upgrade glass in old doors in houses that are rentals. Are you on the Facebook window fitters forum?
  18. Gazman16

    How can I tell if this glass is safe ?

    Always best to be overly cautious if its close. If someone fitted thicker flooring (solid Oak or something) at a later date it would fall back on the installer if anything happened. On that point I have always been curious if someone installed insulation and under floor heating at a later date...
  19. Gazman16

    How can I tell if this glass is safe ?

    Above doors does not need to be safety glass, Although if you plan to change it for the extra £10 to get it toughened I personally would