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    Knotty pine, blisters despite arduous prep ...

    Heat gun at close range to a decent knot will force the sap out. Its the sap from the knots that causes the paint to lift. If there were only a few knots I'd suggest a film of 2 part filler over them to block the sap.
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    painting or caulking first

    Caulk is part of the prep stage, pre paint most cant be used as a finish like mastics and sealants can. On hall walls consider diamond trade by Dulux. It will take a hammering and is fine to wash down / for high use areas (bag , dirty hand, shoe, blood, general household stains on walls :) )
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    Painting Rendered House

    Don't put cheap paint on outside, its a false exonomy and you will be doing it again much sooner than using a decent trade masonry smooth paint. Trade is a heavier pigment and lays thicker, so lasts longer. Prep area by washing the existing paint with a pressure bootle with a water and sugar...
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    how do i get rid of messy cracked painting

    Rub back with 80g, where the paint has one back to wood, spot prime x 2 coats to lift those areas up a few microns :) Then undercoat or use a wb satin that is uc and tc in one.
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    hairline cracks and peeling paint

    Tile the bathroom floor to ceiling
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    Painting over damaged banisters

    Not a bad shout, but I bet those are a unique pattern, and getting them new would be a visit to a turners workshop, and that must be £30 (absolute guess) a spindle x whole staircase.
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    Crack Between Ceiling and Wall

    Use the filler and caulk method suggested and you be fine. Run an old chisel to both faces (ceiling and wall) taking out bumps and previous errors. Back fill one face, let it dry, rub it flat. Then do the other face, let it dry, rub. Then run external caulk in the new formed corner, just a...
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    Painting over damaged banisters

    Each spindle will be about 2 hours work (strip, sand, prime, uc, tc). Cheaper to get them taken out by a chippie, sent to the local strip / dip and refitted.
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    What has Caused this Door To Peel?

    Likely a surface layer of polish or cleaner, most will spray and wipe something on a door. Maybe she should have keyed the surface and washed back with sugar soap first?
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    Any idea what this colour is?

    Link to advert might help? Try Unilver or whoever owns flash, cs telephone line.
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    Crack Between Ceiling and Wall

    Just box the pipe work back in, the electrics near the magna clean at the top of the boiler look like plumbers controls for stat, timer etc. Access there is needed so a velcro stuck panel of mirror screws and cups needed. Regarding the hole around the pipes- rockwool / glass fibre and stuff it...
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    Mixing Kitchen+ and normal matt paints

    No problem provided you mix it really well, maybe add 5% water and sieve it after mixing. End product might have a very slight shine to it, matt kitchen paint (to my eye) as a very slight shine compared to straight emulsion. I would argue the wisdom of being tight with paint (shed- Homebase /...
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    ADVICE - What can i do with this 70s'80's fake brick effect !!!!

    Good old stone cladding... Normally put over shot pointing and ice blown brickwork. Red bricks look lovely either side, but unless you have £10k or 16 weeks of time its futile removing it and repairing the brick. Best bet is to get it cleaned, fix up any issues with the cladding and give it 3...
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    Back to bare wood

    You won't be able to do that in the damaged area. It needs filling and the filler will not give you the finish you want. If you have patience you should consider chopping out the bad, and splicing in new wood. Easy with a multi cutter, and ok with a decent chisel. You fix in the splice after...
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    Dealing with emulsion painted over gloss

    Buy a punch hole type orbital sander, one with a vacum clearner attachement. With the doors, you could use a local dip and strip service- most are in the region of £15-20 a door. If you really must hand sand, then start with a 60 or 80 which won't clog so badly.
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    Meter / network supply

    Lad I know lives above the shop, there are two flats. He has the 1st floor and for years his meter feeds both flats and he gets the neighbour to cough up half the bill. Rightly he'd like to on his own meter, and the neighbours get there own. Problem being that the network cable to the...
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    DIY or get professionals for painting?

    Spraying a house with occupancy can't be done. Or can, but won't save any time. Wood can't take emulsion, so you still need to cut in between wood and plaster. White, well on all walls you will need something heavy duty like diamond trade which is (apparently x10) more durable and can take...
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    The order of painting walls and skirting/doors

    Snap- most of my work is edwardian room with cove, picture rail and dado, lots of wood cutting in.
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    Problems after new consumer unit fitted

    If its a twin rcd cu, temporary move the circuit cabling from RCD 1 to RCD 2, if it trips you know its the cable or appliances. If it doesn't then the fault is something on one or a mix of circuits on that side. RCD's trip when greater than 30mA. Could be a combo of appliances leaking. If you...
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    Painting Exterior Front Door

    Still not moved this on? Superdec is a decent product, i used 20 litres on my man shed thing, bare wood and paint. I wouldn't be using it as a finish on a front door. Anyway back on topic- water base satin is a quick dry solution for front doors, saves having to keep door open due to oil...