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    Wireless Alarm for a flat

    Hi, Can anyone suggest or recommend a wireless alarm system for a one-bedroom flat? The tenant has been hospitalised and the flat has been burgled during his absence. I have been looking at the Texecom Ricochet Premier Elite Kits systems but the kits seem to be intended for larger dwellings and...
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    Support for domestic water tank

    Try joist hangers. Look them up on the Screwfix website or Google. Screw them to the studs (uprights) in the plasterboard wall. Cut a slot in the brickwork opposite with a masonry angle grinder disc and mortar them in. Or drill the brick wall and screw them to it. Joists slot in, board onto the...
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    15mm fitting won't fit (what is table Z)

    For future reference, the straight pipe is supplied half-hard. If you heat the end red hot and quench it, it will anneal it and make it soft and pliable. You could literally squash it with your fingers. It will then strech more easily without cracking. It work hardens as you manipulate it, so...
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    is this correct pipe work?

    Isolating valve lower, drain cock after IV, pipe clips with spacers (to accomodate insulation) at specified intervals, pressure test to manufacturere's installation instructions on completion, then insulate; see manufacturer's installation instructions. But besides that...
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    Nottingham Try this lot.
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    Gas Safe Work Placement

    PM sent. I don't think there were any restrictions, but I've never used the conversations thing before. PS There was a restriction, now removed.
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    Gas Safe Work Placement

    See above, he needs the Gas Safe registered boss man to sign the bit of paper confirming he has done gas installs; he won't. He has installed gas pipes, installed complete new boilers (commissioned by the Gas Safe installer) etc.; he can't prove that. He has also done bathrooms, kitchens...
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    Gas Safe Work Placement

    Could some one post a link to this in the Combustion Chamber where more Gas Safe registered people might see it? Thanks.
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    Gas Safe Work Placement

    For 5 or 6 years now. I believe it's what you call an apprenticeship. The Gas Safe man is taking the mickey now, as some of them like to do. How much did you have to pay for your gas-related work experience, Dick?
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    Gas Safe Work Placement

    Can some of the Gas Safe registered people advise me what the current situation is with regards to getting a work placement to build-up the required portfolio to do the ACS assessment? I found a training centre offering gas training and a work (presumably unpaid) placement. Is this the usual...
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    Homemade water heater

    Well done, Sir, well done.
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    Homemade water heater

    I have a gas fired water heater that is used on a gas hob in a similar manner, but it is probably much more efficient. It is called a saucepan.
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    sludge and blocked CH in 3 year old system

    Only by BG as marketing, to the gullible. They're heating technicians; some are bad, some are good. BG want to sell you a power flush. Probably, but you can't get much flow rate through a micro-bore system and you need a high water flow rate to entrain any loose particles. You might need to...
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    Sacrificial anode in central heating system

    Why? If it hasn't been flushed, where would they go? Most domestic corrosion inhibitors contain sodium molybdate and are slightly acidic. SFAIK, the advantage of the molybdate is that you can't overdose the system (within reason) and you don't need a test kit. I don't know the theory about how...
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    Sacrificial anode in central heating system

    They're meant to corrode away, hence sacrificial, you get the corrosion products in the water. The obvious example is galvanized (zinc coated) corrugated iron, or galvanized buckets. Separate replaceable sacrificial anodes were used on sectional steel water storage tanks, steel water heaters...
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    Sacrificial anode in central heating system

    You've got some already; you call them radiators. The steel is less noble than the copper on the electrolytic series/galvanic series, so the steel inner surface of the radiator corrodes, protecting the copper. It is galvanic/electrolytic/...
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    How to read pump graph?

    Possibly, but there are 4 different pump curves at 1220 l/h and no information to show which one applies. I'm sure you can work it out with the manual. Assuming that is right, then that is the system resistance at that flow rate ONLY. The system curve is an equation dP x (Kv)^2 = Q^2, where...
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    Unvented/pressurised cylinder

    Not banned, Dick, just busy elsewhere. You seem to be in your usual form.
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    Unvented/pressurised cylinder

    A Navy shower? In salt water? Or with sailors? Do you turn off the water whilst soaping? We need to know these things.
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    Wifi / home wireless networkconnected tank stats

    How do you know that it is always below 20 degC if you don't monitor the temperature constantly? You asked about thermostats, not temperature sensors. If it's not in use, then how does the entire water volume get changed every 24 hours? The HSE have looked into this and that is their...