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    How to form a piece of stainless steel for boat?

    Are longer threaded stainless eyes available? If so rather than try and get a thin bit if stainless you could carve a block of hardwood and fully encase it in fiberglass in the boat and run the bolts through it.
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    Getting A Smart Gas Meter Fitted

    You need a smart electric meter to have a gas one. The gas meter has a low power radio that transmits its data to the electric meter (which has the main communication hub) which then relays the gas readings on.
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    Electricity rebate

    I've been keeping an eye on that thread for a while now, it is quite interesting.
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    EV charger next door: DNO want to 'modify the loop' to my dad's house.

    I'd think a lot would depend on which house the incoming feed runs to first. When I had the loop from my house to nextdoor removed the DNO left my house being fed by the original incoming cable which ran under my driveway and just disconnected the cable running from my house to nextdoor. I was...
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    Electricity rebate

    I'm sure the energy generating companies have some clued up teams of accountants working everything out... Whether or not their solution is the best for the consumer is anyones guess...
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    Electricity rebate

    Very quick reacting generation to cover sudden peaks comes from hydro (including pumped storage), but theres not much of that. Next fastest on tap is gas fired power stations. An energy generating company needs to recover the cost of building that gas power station and cover the overheads. If...
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    Electricity rebate

    My understanding is that the additional generation required to cover peak demand is much more expensive to run per KWh and so costs for power from them is much higher Its generating capacity that is not needed all the time so it is not running making money 24/7, it may only run for a few hours...
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    Electricity rebate

    I wouldn't think theres enough time to build any meaningful amount of infrastructure in time for this winter now.
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    Electricity rebate

    I'm with octopus (got moved to them when my previous supplier Avro went under) and had them fit a smart meter last year. I took part in their trial to reduce usage in allocated time periods to receive payments in reward. I think over the entire trial period I earnt a couple of pounds. Saving...
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    Was all of these isolators necessary?

    Yes, it was off to the side from the machine. When I fitted a new kitchen in my house I fitted isolators off to the side of my big appliances after having experienced their value. I didn't bother with FCUs as that seemed uneccesary as I was leaving plugs on the machines.
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    Was all of these isolators necessary?

    My parents had a dishwasher once that caught fire whilst I was at their house. I was rather glad I could easily isolate it imediatley without having to pull the machine out or run off to the consumer unit. In my view isolator switches for big kitchen appliances are a sensible thing to have, but...
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    Replace the waste on Mira shower tray without lifting the floor

    I'd just not bother for the sake of a year. All time and trouble would be better spent sprucing something else up.
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    Cost-effectiveness of RCDs,SPDs, AFDDs etc., in perspective

    Yeah no problem, here is the January 21st dip in closer detail. If I put both my ovens on full from cold which is a brief draw of 5.8kw I can create a drop of around a 2V to my incoming supply (but its hard to be too accurate on this given the external variation), but there is certainly no load...
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    Cost-effectiveness of RCDs,SPDs, AFDDs etc., in perspective

    I don't think I could ever bring myself to throw away any tool, even when its well past is useable lifespan. I'm too much of a tool hoarder, much to the annoyance of my other half at times! :D One thing I do have now though thanks to my energy monitor is the sometimes debated Christmas dinner...
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    Cost-effectiveness of RCDs,SPDs, AFDDs etc., in perspective

    I'm only maybe 100-200 meters away from the substation that feeds the housing estates I live on depending on how the cable is run underground, and I'm not out on the edge of the estates. There's no heavy industry nearby, my supply is no longer looped through to next door, and looking at my power...
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    Cost-effectiveness of RCDs,SPDs, AFDDs etc., in perspective

    I have an energy monitor hooked up that has a voltage sense transformer connected which provides a record of my supply voltage. Mine seems to vary to quite a large degree. I've compared the readings I get from it to two different multimeters and and a multifunction tester and they always match...
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