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  1. mogget

    A few questions for people that know Evohome

    Honeywell have answered Q3 and the answer is no, or rather "The evohome system will work exactly the same like 3 individual thermostats. The TPI is calculated for each zone individually." Might be still useful, can anyone answer the other 2 questions please? Thanks
  2. mogget

    A few questions for people that know Evohome

    I'm looking into smart heating and have a few Evohome questions for people in the know. I haven't decided yet whether to go for it. My system has 3 heating zones and an unvented cylinder, each zone has a V4043 zone valve, with a Glow Worm system boiler. I don't want to use smart radiator...
  3. mogget

    Unused gas bayonet

    BES call it "bayonet cooker hose socket blanking plug" in their catalogue.
  4. mogget

    Unused gas bayonet

    Great, exactly what I was looking for. I see BES have them but are they easy to get at a local plumber's merchants? Thanks for the tip about the silicone grease.
  5. mogget

    Unused gas bayonet

    Gas Bayonet by mogget posted 24 Oct 2019 at 8:02 PM I am switching to an electric cooker, as a result I have disconnected the gas bayonet and it will be unused (but I don't want to get rid of it). Are these OK to leave as is, or should it be capped / have some sort of blank put in...
  6. Gas Bayonet

    Gas Bayonet

  7. mogget

    Do I need to bond my cold water main?

    Thanks everyone for the information, that seems to settle it!
  8. mogget

    Do I need to bond my cold water main?

    That's interesting. I don't know who my DNO is but I'm in the old Southern Electric area. Is the cross-bonding at the boiler still mandated by the current electrical regulations?
  9. mogget

    Do I need to bond my cold water main?

    I currently have a bond to the MET on my gas pipe, as per gas regs. There is no bonding on the rising main, which comes in in MDPE before switching to copper at the stop valve. The pipes at the boiler are cross-bonded. I have a TT installation with an earth rod, a Wylex NS consumer unit, and a...
  10. mogget

    Duravit Stark Toilet Flush Question

    I don't know that particular bog, but is it the doughnut that seals between the cistern and the pan?
  11. mogget

    Solder not appearing at joint

    This may have been covered, but I assume the OP is using flux?
  12. mogget

    Strange sounds coming from new IDEAL logic heat boiler

    Try setting bypass to 3 and pump to max, see if it improves things, the setting can be refined later.
  13. mogget

    oil fired boiler, flow direction wrong?

    Yes but speak from experience.
  14. mogget

    oil fired boiler, flow direction wrong?

    The lockshield valves will restrict the flow equally well on the flow or return. What you might find though is that if the lockshield is fitted on the flow, expanding (micro)bubbles of air can cause system noise. It won't affect balancing but lockshields are better on the return, for noise...
  15. mogget

    Silicone for Stone resin shower tray

    I've never had any problem with acetoxy and stone resin trays, but it hadn't occurred to me that there might be. 785 is about the best silicone sealant I've ever used.
  16. mogget

    I just don’t know what to do

    When trying to understand wiring, think of it as both power and signal, and look at the wiring diagram "as the electricity sees it". If you know which switches are open and closed you can trace it through. Same with water diagrams and valves. Rinse and repeat for different starting conditions...
  17. mogget

    I switched my boiler off at the control unit. So why does it fire up?

    Just a hunch, is this a thermal store system?
  18. mogget

    Baxi Burnall - Removal

    Report your own post and ask a mod to move it?
  19. mogget

    Heat Exchanger Repeatably Blocking - Betacom 30c

    In my experience the plate heat exchanger always blocks up first when there are sludge problems. This is because the passages are the tiniest in the whole system. OP, is the heat exchanger blocking up on the boiler side or the mains water side?
  20. mogget

    Please help. Mixer shower leaking

    It's very unlikely, probably it will just keep dripping till it's fixed. If the shower's above a bath leave the plug out and any leakage will flow down the drain. edited for spelling