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    Anyone had issues with grp dry valley leaking during heavy rain?

    Hi, Got a fairly new build property. Has been installed with dry fit grp valleys. Same as the ones in this link: During very heavy down pours there is water coming into the property. Normal rain seems no issues...
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    Metal cabinet housing consumer unit

    This is a previous picture showing the setup.
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    Metal cabinet housing consumer unit

    Hi, Anyone come across a metal enclosure/cabinet that houses the mains incoming supply and consumer unit? Its in a 60's built block of flats. Is the earth for these types of supply from the gland around the incoming and therefore the whole of the metal enclosure which is sunk into the wall is...
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    How to fit howdens leg pack

    Hi, have been given a leg pack for a unit. See pic. Not sure why they didnt give normal legs which only requires a single hole to be drilled into underside of cabinet. Im using a wall cabinet on legs to conceal a gas meter. Anyone know what type of drill bit to make the holes for this fitting...
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    Pressure relief value pipe location on 1st floor

    Afternoon, Got an existing boiler installation on a 1st floor flat in the kitchen. The pressure relief valve pipe comes out and terminates bent back towards the wall. The ground floor flat below has a window underneath about 2 ft below where the pipe exits the 1st floor property. Do regs...
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    Can you Skim/Plaster over Wallpaper adhesive?

    I had a similar issue. Just getting the paper off even with a wall paper steamer and scoring was taking forever and very tiring. So decided to get one of these, stuck it on an angle grinder, masked up really well and took at the wallpaper with it. Very messy, lots of paper dust, but ripped the...
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    Grohe concealed cistern vibrating noise on fill

    Managed to sort this, for info if anyone has similar issue. Removed fill valve. Undid plastic nut which houses a small filter. Had some muck in here. Cleaned out the whole thing with water and refit. Quiet as a mouse now.
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    Grohe concealed cistern vibrating noise on fill

    Hi all, Got a new Grohe concealed cistern. Testing install. Noticed that just as it gets to the fill point it makes a vibrating noise, quite loud. I've tried turning the pressure down with the isolater, that reduces the noise but it is still there. When all full pressure its even louder than in...
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    When installing a concealed cistern how support the flush water pipe?

    So the tiled panel that goes infront should be made to be removable? I thought it would be similar to the geberit wall hung frames where the pipes have support so you only have to push in. Then access to the cistern is via flush plate for maintenance. If I support the outlet pipe in the same...
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    When installing a concealed cistern how support the flush water pipe?

    Hi guys, Installing a concealed cistern with a back to wall toilet. When it comes to pushing the toilet in the flush pipe will flex backwards putting a lot of stress on the connection at the bottom of the cistern. Same would happen when removing. Could possibly damage it also as when pushing...
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    Should upvc glass make noise when turning around?

    Hi, Fitting new glazing. Got to fitting the windows and as I was handling it heard a hissing type noise. Is this normal? Hissing stops then when i flip the other wat it hisses again for a few seconds then stops. Keeps doing this on flip. Any ideas? 5 panels all doing same.
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    Does radiator have to stretch across full width of window?

    Hi all, I have a room that is 3.9*3.9 by 2.3 in height. I have put figures into a btu calculator and it says I need about 4000 btu. The windows are 3 meters across in width. I can fit a double radiator that is 1200mm in width and 400mm in height which would be suitable to heat the room...
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    Split level 1 bedroom flat - best way to do sockets

    Hello, Got a 1 bedroom split level flat. Downstairs living room and kitchen. Upstairs 1 bedroom and bathroom. What is the best way to wire the sockets? Bedroom planning for 3 sockets, and 3 in the living room as well. Kitchen will have 4. Ring main all on one circuit or separate radials maybe?
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    Can condensate pipe be connected to washing machine standpipe like this?

    Hiya, Seen a condensate attached to a teed of washing machine standpipe as per pic. Is this a legitimate method of running a condensate pipe internally? Thanks
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    Crack on stairwell due to rotten supporting timber

    Hi all, Property has developed a horizontal crack along the stairwell. The wall behind is the bathroom. Upon stripping back bathroom for a refit, noticed rot along the timber that supports the wall going up to the ceiling/roof. Whats the best way to make this structurally sound again?
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    Combi boiler hot water pipe run in 22mm

    Thanks to all who replied. I did as suggested and it has done the trick! I thought these mixers were set correctly out of the box but obviously not!
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    Combi boiler hot water pipe run in 22mm

    Its a main eco 25. Main pressure is very good, 2.5 bar. Pipes are insulated. Its a 3 meter run to the boiler, the bath room is literally next door to the kitchen where boiler is. On a normal hot tap the temp in hot enough that you can only touch it for a few seconds. Although the max temp on...
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    Combi boiler hot water pipe run in 22mm

    Hi all, Ive got a 25kw combi boiler which supplies a shower with existing 22mm pipework. (Both hold and cold) Ive put a thermostatic bath mixer on. When I put the mixer to hot the water doesnt come out super hot, more like 38 degree hot. When put in the pre set 38 degree again its cooler than...