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    Forum Update

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    Forum Update

    Why have you actually got to click on the thread to see who posted last?
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    Forum Update

    This new update is bad it should revert back to how it was i think ive been a member for 14 years i wont be contibuting to any posts while its like this thanks
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    Render Patching After Lintel Installation

    Nice but top righthand side don't look to clever
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    Plasterboard overlap with stairs - remediation

    Looks like the jobs undinished D&D a strip of plasterboard
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    Can patch rendering cause more problems than fix them?

    The only way the good render could be damaged is when they are taking the failed render off to patch it
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    K-Rend on Pebbledash?

    no way is that pebble dash which is in good condition going to devalue your property by 50 grand, also your saying sand and cement render is breathable which its not i dont know what research you have been reading or told but you are completly wrong also some silicone renders such as k rend...
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    Bonding or plasterboard question

    Is it a solid wall?
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    Dip on Kitchen Windowsill

    Then level it out with plaster like i said
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    Dip on Kitchen Windowsill

    If your going to tile , tile adhesive would fill the dip put some adhesive where the dip is and let it go off a bit then apply adhesive over the whole sill then tile
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    Dip on Kitchen Windowsill

    Looks like who ever plastered it made the dip by not being able to plaster it square in other words the float coat is not straight it can be levelled with a bit of plaster
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    Rendering below DPC line

    Bell cast won't give you a straight finish its just the best method
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    Rendering below DPC line

    Another method is to Sit a a bell cast bead along the dpc so the water drips away, when you render underneath you can cut a line just under the bell cast bead to stop the water rising or you could sit a stop bead just under the bellcast , i have before just cut a line with an Ashlar tool to...
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    Bathroom ceiling - joists not level

    Should have just overboarded old ceiling without taking it down , you could use this stripwood from.b&q to level it up just use some panel pins to attach them to the joist
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    Bathroom renovation help

    Downstairs bathrooms are notorious for beong cold and damp epec ones that are stuck on the back of the house behind the kitchen show the pictures and maybe someone can give you some help
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    Most cost-effective way to patch render?

    Saying that i know of a building in portsmouth its a converted block of flats and it was owned by an old friend of mine and it had just as may cracks on it as your house i walked past one day well over 10 years ago and they was putting pebble dash over it i thought to myself "what the hell?"...
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    Most cost-effective way to patch render?

    These photos are of the same building but they are different photos or you have added more photos showing the render in a different light we can clearly see how bad the render is from these new pics how was i supposed to see all those cracks from the other pics? Anyway in a patch job you will...
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    Most cost-effective way to patch render?

    You wont be able t you will not be able to match the patchwork with paint you will still see it, it seems like the builder wants to get a uniform finish by going over the whole lot with the last pass of terylene, tbh that render looks like its seen better days if it was my house i would have...