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  1. crank39

    New UPVC Sash, does this job look ok?

    Trickle vents are designed to let air into the room, by design they are draughty however if you mean drasughty when closed and assuming they have some sort of foam seal then no, ideally they should be draught free. The window board I assume they haven't fitted as theres no damage around the...
  2. crank39

    Poorly Fitted Internal Beading Strips

    I've seen it before, its nothing the fitters have done or can do about it, its more in the design of the profile. If you tap the beads with your finger do they rattle, can you push the glass outwards away from the beads leaving gaps between the glass and rubber on the bead?
  3. crank39

    New windows

    Minimal gaps though, with a 12mm deep rebate you really had to have tight gaps to avoid seeing the spacer bar in the sightline. Also old windows like you have shown in your picture the old John Carr/Rugby Joinery had no drainage at all, there's a big estate in the city I live in that went up in...
  4. crank39

    Door hinge and door seal/lock

    I think the inner part of the front face knocks inwards and detaches. The reason the hinge is leaning over is the honge pin has already been jacked up, look under the pin and you should see an allen key hole, this is just a bolt that screws up and pushes that black plug up thus lifting the door...
  5. crank39

    New windows

    Thanks for the science lesson! Anyway as much as you may like you can't exclude UV, nor expansion and contraction, nor vibrations, nor the hot or cold. Keeping the perimeter seal away from water WILL NOT stop a unit from failing
  6. crank39

    New windows

    I have no beef with air, you, anybody or anything, I just found it comical actually that you think and still think it's air that fails a double glazed unit and that by some way making the installation air tight that that somehow makes a difference.
  7. crank39

    New windows

    No it's definitely not air, it's like saying skin cancer is caused by air touching your skin....its not
  8. crank39

    New windows

    Im facsinated about this theory you have that AIR breaks down the seal, so seal the edge of the unit from the air and hey presto....!!! Whilst you may have been lucky in not having a failure thus far I can catagorically say that air does not break the seals down, its age, its UV, its the...
  9. crank39

    New windows

    What causes the seals to fail is not air but a combination of sun(heat), seals hardening off, expansion/contraction and vibration or movement, the seal will crack or break down allowing air and thus moisture into the cavity, the dessicant will do what it can but once saturated the moist air will...
  10. crank39

    New windows

    Condensation within the units is down to blown seals and the unit needs to be replaced, condensation on the room side of the unit points to excessive moisture in the air within your property, however it could be argued that the failed units are acting as cold spots allowing condensation to form...
  11. crank39

    New windows

    Steer clear of safestyle, they use duraflex pvc profile and trust me when I say this but it is the worst system out there, add to that the national company attitude on customer care, they won't care if your unhappy, it won't affect their business one bit if they're spending millions a year on...
  12. crank39

    uPVC door frame

    The mitres are welded which basically involves both mitred faces being heated to melting point then pressed together and held by machines till they fuse, so what you proposing is to cut through the mitre joint and reweld it. Good luck with that. The frame might or might not be reinforced as you...
  13. crank39

    French Door Install Query

    Ah I wasn't aware you were altering the window aperture, that's now a different scenario and doable, however it will need LABC involvement now if you're altering the width
  14. crank39

    French Door Install Query

    Well if the doors are already made then not much, if still to be ordered ask for a 20mm extender on each side to be included in the size, when fitting doors which open in always always ALWAYS specify an add on to the hinge side unless you have full control of the plaster line
  15. crank39

    How can I work out what the aperture size is to replace this wooden sash window?

    On a sash box window everything on the inside is basically hollow and houses the cast iron weights, once both sliding sashes are removed and all the timber frame what you'll be left with is whats known as 'check reveals' google that term and see images and get an idea of what you'll have before...
  16. crank39

    UPVC window not sealed

    And then name and shame them
  17. crank39

    Does anyone know what tool I need - unusual hinge I think!

    Open the door and look at the back of the hinge, you'll probably see two allen key holes, turn these one way or the other to the desired side, one bit at a time
  18. crank39

    uPVC window won't shut - hangs too low

    Yes weight of the glass has caused it to drop, probably coupled with some wear as well. The handles missing too!
  19. crank39

    Help with locked window handle please!

    Think its the long thin WMS handle and key, but to be honest its just as easy to replace the handle for a modern one