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    What alarm would replace my Scantronic 9448+ but allow me to add wifi connectivity

    As said, I would keep the systems seperate....... Personally I would go for pyronix Euro46 with digi wifi XA
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    Visonic PowermaxComplete, siren batteries not lasting

    We find the seem to last around 2-2.5yrs so we just change when servicing alarm at 2yrs. Siren only has to do 1 x 10 min sound off and youve hammered the battery!!
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    Visonic Powermaster-10 .. and Powerlink3

    As long as the panel and Powerlink are purchased in the same region, you will have no problem using the alarm in any other country. A point worth noting is that the UK Powermaster panel language is fixed in English and cannot be changed - I know this as I took a system to France and fitted it...
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    DIY alarm system £300 recommendations

    Have to say Euro46 would be my better app...the kit is also a lot cheaper!
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    Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm any good

    The new Yale sync is a budget system built in china.......its rubbish! The older SR340 is a far far superior alarm system and its built in house for Yale - best DIY'er kit on market
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    Pyronix EURO46/L Large panel

    Exactly Handymanjo says.......BUT why not Euro46s and we use that for most domestic / small commercial needs
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    smart alarm with GSM

    Ive always used my own data sim been supplied with GPRS unit......
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    Pyronix - indoor wi-fi camera's - advice please

    Go pro control without doubt.... The pyronix HIK cams are a massive improve the on the last few years. We used 5 last week with a HIK 8ch nvr....really good. As a pro installer these cams give an alarm system the visual option and later the flexibility to switch to full cctv system. Customers...
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    Pyronix - indoor wi-fi camera's - advice please

    Yes indeed the Pyronix cams are actually Hikvision and not to be compared with Swann junk! The cameras will connect wireless to wifi and can be viewed independently on procontrol app with no annual cloud charge. They can take SD cards OR be wired into an NVR to make a complete system.
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    Hikvision camera's

    Personally I wouldn't bother with 8MP...the nightvision is not so clever, we have gone back to HIK 5MP which seems a good balance. Also 8MP cams will fill HDD a lot lot quicker. Also if your only fitting 3 cams go with the new HIK Power over coax......Its great for small installs , have used...
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    Any need for wired CCTV now that we have Ring etc?

    I recently went to a computer security show and they used Ring CCTV to show how easy it is for hackers to break into Chinese systems... They reckon it will be the biggest domestic hacking threat next year due to popularity of ring... Stick with your coaxial system and add Hik 5MP cams - they are...
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    Optex - can someone help?

    You can apparently get wireless optex sensors that can connect with enforcer and powermax panels....see below...Ive not fitted myself I know the optex is top drawer....personally I like the Dakota products....they are cheap have really O/p's which can configure into any wired system...and...
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    Beam alarm help

    Don't alert any intruder...just get out there with the 12 bore :)
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    Pyronix enforcer v9 digi wifi?

    OK you can buy panel with wifi mod included...this effectively converts system to can also add the new PYR cams!!
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    ADT Powermaster

    Yes I will try and get hold of Darren Cox on Monday....I might be talking rubbish but I'm sure ADT have their own set of 7 digit I'd codes...I'll let you all know asap as I'm sure others will benefit from this...thx Matt
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    Wired smart alarm system options

    That's kinda what I thought but the wifi/xa and wifi units looked totally different...thx for shedding light on this all the same
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    ADT Powermaster

    Evening all, visited a new homeowner yesterday and in their home was an ADT Powermaster 30 system.....classic ADT, over sell, 3 keypads, 2 repeaters and pirs upstairs...I dread to think what cost the system alone would have been... Anyway the system is in an old barn with some very thick walls...
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    Wired smart alarm system options

    Panel keypad and battery was around 120 and the wifi module was around a oner....make sure you get the digi wifi/xa as the standard enforcer digi wifi which does not work....Even pyronix tech did not tell me this one A trip back over to wales and all sorted Yes I would defo recommend....for a...
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    Wired smart alarm system options

    We fitted a pyronix Euro 64s with wifi module this week to replace old optima set up.... Highly recommended and it means you have full app control via pyronix cloud just like an Enforcer....they are pricey but it's well made...were saying goodbye to Tex going forwards! Matt
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    Pyronix Enforcer Alarm - Year 2 onwards Maintenance

    I do not think £80+VAT is unfair......If your in business yourself common sense will confirm its not unreasonable.....By the time system is checked batteries are changed, its a 2hr job if done properly.....Plus the onus is on professional to get alarm working. What happens when you have a...