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    Measuring power usage

    The Shelly EM recommended by taylortwocities above is adequate to test the accuracy of the meter. It uses a current clamp on the live feed between the meter and the CU. Take a meter reading, connect the current clamp of the Shelly EM. Carry on using electricity as normal for a period of time...
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    Remote control of outdoor led lights

    I haven't had one of those fail yet. In fact I have one in the loft, plugged into a socket which is connected to the lighting circuit. ;)
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    Is this soffit asbestos?

    Looks like uPVC to me. Doesn't look in poor condition it just needs a clean.
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    Leak behind soffit boards

    The OP has lots of information now, they can decide what they think is the best way to resolve the problem.
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    Leak behind soffit boards

    It depends where you buy them from. You can get pairs or singles from various suppliers. A simple way to form a drip on the end of the sheets is to run a bead of silicone along the underside near the end. Trying to bend the end of box profile sheets will result in a mess and damage. They are...
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    Spur in 1.5

    The specification for MK Logic Plus socket outlets available here: clearly states: Current rating: 13A per socket outlet (except 3 gang which is 13 amp in total) It also states that the sockets comply with BS 1363: Part 2: 1995. This is just...
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    Leak behind soffit boards

    Remove the fixings nearest the gutter. Remove that rubber. Get some Box Profile Foam Filler to fit 34/1000 Sheets, the fillers are 1 metre long, you need one filler per sheet. Trap the filler between the sheet and the piece of wood which supports it nearest the gutter and replace the fixings...
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    Leak behind soffit boards

    From the photo the whole thing looks poor. The fixings usually go in the top part of the sheet not the low part where most of the water sits. The sheets should extend to the middle of the gutter. Fillers are available to fit in the end of the sheets to reduce the water blowing back under the...
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    Leak behind soffit boards

    The ends of the wiggly tin look open. If that is just a narrow strip of rubber which hangs into the gutter water might run back along the top of it, under the sheets, and and drip off the other side of it behind the fascia. If it is a full rubber roof under the tin then the water might be...
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    As it appears to be loose you could take it to a builders merchant. Many of them will be able to suggest a good match.
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    Texecom app - strange data from shock sensor ?

    The temperature reading is often unreliable. It doesn't seem to be calibrated, particularly on older sensors.
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    Wedge jack / screw jack / levelling wedge

    Winbags are stronger than you might think. One will lift 100Kg. They fit in a gap only a few mm wide. You can use more than one at a time. They will move doors, windows, kitchen units etc.
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    Wedge jack / screw jack / levelling wedge

    Would a Winbag be suitable? I suppose it depends on what you mean be "leave in place", Winbags are for temporary lifting while you put a permanent fixing in place (which might be a bit of wood planed to the correct...
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    Socket under sink

    Or behind the washing machine or dishwasher?
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    What is the most wasted feature of your home?

    Conservatory. Too hot in summer, too cold in winter.
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    Radiator valve

    Thermostatic valve with the head removed. Possibly it was removed because the wooden object on the right hand side of the photo is too close to allow the head to be fitted.
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    Need to work near to incoming overhead electric cables

    Western Power will visit for free and give advice. If they decide that the cables need additional insulation to allow you to work safely they will also provide that for free. See their website
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    RCD Trip

    Does it only trip when you switch on one specific socket or does it also trip when you switch on a different socket on the same ring?
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    Power supply for a security camera.

    I wouldn't be putting either of those items below my floorboards. When the magic smoke escapes you want to be able to see it happening before a fire starts.
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    Getting in a muddle regarding ventilation- am i making things worse?

    It doesn't seem as if you have made anything worse. :) Time will tell if the ventilation in the loft is sufficient to prevent the condensation that you were seeing.