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  1. Colin Brenton

    Wiring 2 bedside lights and 2 sockets to a plug top?

    Personally, I'd do each side of the bed individually, so a 13A plug to 1.5mm flex, to the new double socket outlet and on to a 3A fused FCU which will act as your light switch. Repeat on the other side of the bed and job's a goodun. HTH
  2. Colin Brenton


    Probably the clips that should hold the fuse being a bit loose, giving a bad connection. This causes heat, which makes them looser, so more heat etc. The cure is obvious, a new plug and probably socket as well. Fit something decent like an MK or Crabtree plug and socket, not a B&Q 99p cheapie...
  3. Colin Brenton

    Secure Meter Cupboard access?

    I can't see any reason why that wouldn't be OK. Worth keeping a key somewhere memorable, just in case you ever need to kill the power in a hurry, though.
  4. Colin Brenton

    Replacing double oven with single oven

    Personally I would cut through the cable and add a single socket to the end of it. Then plug the new oven in there. That way there's no loose wiring flapping about (very dangerous!) and the oven is controlled by the cooker switch.
  5. Colin Brenton

    What The .......?

    Criminal charges and/or private prosecution against the individuals responsible.
  6. Colin Brenton

    Range Cooker - 3 Phase or Single Preferred?

    Do you have a single phase DB or a three phase DB (or both) in the house? Within easy-ish reach of the kitchen? What (if any) cabling is in place already? I'd guess at going single phase from what's been said so far, but the above might throw some other options up. Cheers, Colin
  7. Colin Brenton

    Help please!!

    To be honest, it does sound as though you've 'been had'. I'd suggest a recorded delivery letter to who-ever you paid (that's who your contract is with, any use of subbies etc is their choice, and their problem to sort out if it goes wrong). Outline the problems and give them a reasonable...
  8. Colin Brenton

    Full house Rewire, loft boarding not replaced.

    Daft question, but will it not go down again OK, even if not quite as well as before? If covering it with underlay and then carpet, a hardboard layer should hide a multitude of sins and be a lot cheaper and easier than new flooring. Or do they mean that cables are now on top of the joists, so...
  9. Colin Brenton

    Weatherproof/External Socket

    The earth terminal in the box is there so that the box can be earthed, as well as the socket. Just run your circuit earth to the socket, and then a wire link from the socket earth terminal to the box.
  10. Colin Brenton

    Where are my individual fuses? (Pic included)

    For the right hand side box, switch off the switch on the right-hand end of it (have a torch with you, the lights will go out!) then unscrew the metal bolt and then pull the top part of the lid towards you, and it should fold downwards. Fuse holders should be underneath. On the left hand box...
  11. Colin Brenton

    TV man left us with this - how to fix?

    Personally I wouldn't be TOO worried, as long as the white cable has a three pin fused plug on the end - if it's been connected into the back of an existing mains socket that is a bit more of a can of worms. Yes, it's fairly rough, but is it actually dangerous? I'd personally say no, but it...
  12. Colin Brenton

    Shower cable rating

    To answer the question, I'd personally want to get either an RCD or RCBO in place to feed the shower if it were mine tbh. I'll leave cable derating discussions to the other lads ;)
  13. Colin Brenton

    Red Light on Digital Meter

    No power available gives no LED at all. Power available and being used gives a flashing LED. Power available but none being drawn gives a solid red LED. HTH
  14. Colin Brenton

    Wiring problem?

    Sounds straightforward enough. Join the black and brown from the hob flex to the red (or brown) from the switch. Join the blue from the hob flex to the black (or blue) from the switch. Join the green and yellow from the hob flex to the green and yellow (or green) from the switch. Worth...
  15. Colin Brenton

    New circuit for induction hob, rcd tripped off

    Very true, I was bound to forget something :D
  16. Colin Brenton

    What to do with my Frankenstein fuse box?

    I'd be seriously considering at least fairly significant rewiring, to be totally honest. If you've just bought, now is the best time to do it, rather than when you've decorated, had carpets put down etc. That Memette unit looks to be 1930s/40s, to me, connected to rubber covered cabling and is...
  17. Colin Brenton

    New circuit for induction hob, rcd tripped off

    An RCD won't trip on overload, they don't (can't) even detect it. MCBs provide over current protection, the RCD provides earth leakage protection.
  18. Colin Brenton

    A cracked plug socket which I use a lot for fan-heater.

    Easy enough to DIY a replacement. Something like this would be a big improvement. Switch all the house power at the fuse box before starting, and check that it is dead before you start. Good luck but post...
  19. Colin Brenton

    Flashing LED’s

    Are they 12v or 240v bulbs? Mad question, but do they flash when they should be on, or when they should be off?
  20. Colin Brenton

    Mysterious built-in "wardrobe" in my bed room. Is these asbestos?

    Looks like a simple-ish job; crow-bar/screwdriver to break up the timber framework. Then strip the wallpaper. Finally patch/replace (or just sand and paint) the skirting if needed, then skim and paint the plaster. As to cost, reckon on maybe half to a day of 'plasterer time', cost depends...