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    Basin plug/ overflow problem

    Nothing in that link looks suitable. :wink:
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    Joining lead pipe to plastic then to copper...

    There is a metal adaptor for 1" 16lb lead which is for OD roughly 11/2". It goes to 11/2" female BSP. It's called Leadline.
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    Joining lead pipe to plastic then to copper...

    :oops: Whoops, sorry. Missed the 'hot'.
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    Joining lead pipe to plastic then to copper...

    Speedfit Universal Transition Coupler then a 22mm x 3/4" female adaptor. Leadlock will work with barrier pipe of the correct size (some do not follow copper sizes) but whichever option you choose you will need to use the correct insert...
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    JG Speedfit - temperature question

    The Speedfit catalogue states the usual working temperature for CH is 82°C. It goes on to state for CH "Maximum working temperature, °C; 105 short term, malfunction ar 114"
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    Siamp cistern not stopping filling

    Mmmm, hasn't it just. :roll:
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    Siamp cistern not stopping filling

    12 month old thread.
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    Charnwood, good wishes mate.

    That's the last thing you should have put. Apart from my missus I'm the biggest curtain twitcher in the county. :wink: I'd prefer donations to Macmillan Nurses. Donate to Macmillan via Just Giving link Credit or debit cards or Paypal. Mine's being an absolute marvel. I've known her on...
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    Kitchen mixer tap dripping

    See post by denso:
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    Charnwood, good wishes mate.

    Vent! Got a bl00dy chest infection - more coughing. Chest feels worse than when it got a good kicking at Port Vales ground many moons ago. First lot of antibiotics didn't touch it. Second lot seem to be doing the job. My OH caught it off me. She has her own respiratory problems so we...
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    His and Hers sink unit waste system

    Easiest way, but expensive, is two 32mm Hepvo traps and knuckle adaptors.
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    where can i get an in-line interceptor trap to catch hair?

    What is it with the Yanks and syrups?
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    Ariston MicroGenus 24 HE MFFI - Error A03

    Ian, I read the topic you linked to and got a distinct feeling of déjà vu.
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    Gas oven connection.....

    Mine cost £90 three years ago.
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    Is this a trevi therm?? need help with ID.

    Original post is 5 years old, revived post is 3 years old. They've probably been fixed or replaced by now.
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    Existing Drain smells and big mice problem!

    Codswallop! That's akin to saying we humans could squeeze through a 3" soil coupler. :roll: