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    Old quirky house - can I span 1 meter with 2x2 for a floor ?

    Trying to sort out bathroom floor which has differing levels on the floor (dont ask - old house). I can make the entire floor level if I lower a 1 meter span section of it - however I only have 2 inches of height to play with due to many reasons - can I span 1 metre with 2x2 and short centres ...
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    120mm studwork on a wall

    Also, thinking about this more, the waste pipe will of course be interrupting the studwork as it travels diagonally across the wall. So how do I fix the studwork around the waste ? Cheers.
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    120mm studwork on a wall

    I see yes - just like a standalone stud wall then. Ok, the waste will be fitted before the studwork so I will just workaround whatever depth it is. Thank you.
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    120mm studwork on a wall

    Hi folks, We have a new toilet waste coming down from the loft into the room below to connect to the existing 110mm waste. This will go pretty much across all of the brick wall in the room below to make the connection so we will be putting studwork on the whole wall to hide the new waste. As...
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    Remove insulation from eves ?

    Hi, currently in the process of refurbing loft bedrooms and removing existing loose insulation as part of this. I notice that it had been stuffed up into the eves, currently thinking if its o k to leave it there?. Been there for over 20 years. Let me know what you think. Cheers.
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    Temp overshooting in front room

    Thank you - I'm defo not going to rip the rads out - but will look into the lockshield option.
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    Temp overshooting in front room

    Ok, in our front room we have two large cast iron rads (about 3 years old). We have known for some time that they cause the temp to overshoot quite badly due to latent heat etc. So now I am trying to mitigate this but not having much success. I have tried using the TRVs to limit the temp but...
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    Central heating water temp

    Hi, I have a non condensing gas boiler, what is the best temp to set the boiler on for the central heating water temp ? - currently got it set on 65c but this is low according some things I have read. Please let me know what you think. Cheers.
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    Wet rot - sorted when dry ?

    Kind of answered my own question here by investigating further online :- "The wet rot growth will cease when the moisture is removed." Cheers.
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    Wet rot - sorted when dry ?

    Hi, thanks for the responses on my previous post. I have now dug out "most" of the affected timber and will now be inserting new wood where necessary. However, I cannot get to some of it but I have found the leak and have sorted it and its drying nicely now. If I can keep this dry will the rot I...
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    Suggestion on removing this wood rot please

    Yep, that's what I was thinking - its quite soft in places but I guess the hardener will take care of that. Picking up some hardener tomorrow and will give it a good soaking - I already have some wood filler. Cheers.
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    Suggestion on removing this wood rot please

    ok, I have recently cured the cause of this wood rot in our wooden conservatory (water ingress) and it has caused quite a bit of damage. Is that some kind of fungus that has been growing ? I'm assuming its a matter of digging out all of the rotten wood and filling with wood filler ? I will be...
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    Do I need gloves, masks etc for this ?

    Hi, just exposed a section of my loft to investigate etc. This stuff has probs been there over 20 odd years. I want clear it all out and refresh. Is this stuff likely to be dangerous? And thus will I need gloves and a mask?. Cheers.
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    Central heating misery (or mystery)!!

    Pressure whilst hot and running should be approx 2 bar, then dropping to approx 1 bar when cold. What are you seeing that is different ?
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    Composite front door into a wood frame ?

    Sounds good. Where can I get a quote for a new door & wooden frame fitted ?
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    Composite front door into a wood frame ?

    Nice but I specifically want a wood frame :)
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    Cost to maintain heat v re-heat home, is occupancy detect worth it?

    Easy one :-
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    Hub or non Hub System

    Samsung Smartthings - runs all of my smart devices across many standards and manufacturers
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    Composite front door into a wood frame ?

    We live in an old house and the front door is badly fitted and it and the frame are going rotten and need replacement. I don't really like composite doors and I feel they really don't match the age of the house. However, my wife insists on one. What really puts me off is the requirement for a...
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    How to fix existing floor joists to new RSJ

    Yes I will getting the SE in next year to give final specs etc and yes it will include the floor loading. Also, the ceiling below has been boarded & skimmed over some years ago whilst it was sagging - I have no idea how this will affect things whilst correcting the sag.