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  1. mehran

    Afghanistan -is leaving the right thing?

    Frankly, it's totally shameful. We(the west) have just abandoned women/children and anyone that thinks education and liberty are worthwhile to be brutalised. The idea that there is nothing that can be done or they just can't change is nonsense. What a total waste of human life and effort...
  2. mehran

    Iranian Migration a bit more info..

    It's virtually impossible to emigrate to the UK from Iran for most Iranians. The home office is totally hostile to people coming here. If you're rich you can be rich anywhere in the world but if you're middle class or poorer then it's a much different story. Iran has lots of educated people but...
  3. mehran

    Cyclists should be banned off certain roads

    As one that has not long ago get his first Road bike(first bike as an adult) and who is rocking the Lycra ...think I starting to get in the mind set of some of theses Mamils (middle-aged men in lycra). 1,First of Bike lanes are almost always awful. patchy and often a **** take. I have some...
  4. mehran

    Basic diabetes test.

    you really need to watch this...
  5. mehran

    Basic diabetes test.

    if you answer every but white you get automatic 7. a better test is to get your fasting glucose tested and/or do a glucose tolerance test. it will show you how well your body is dealing with blood sugar. I check mine once in a while. fasting test is about 4-5 mmol/L it look like going...
  6. mehran

    Fat parents arrested for bringing up fat kid.

    unless they were force feeding the kid...then cant arrest them. you cant arrest someone for having crap genetics. I know some of you cant get your head around this... but being obese for most people is a biochemical problem. I would bet the kid has insulin resistance or has a type...
  7. mehran

    Problem with new Intergas boiler install. HRE 18 OV

    dcuk, i am a intergas service agent for the grim north... I doubt very much its your said before temp sensor is a outside chance. I not saying its one of these but I have seen faults like yours before from 1, setting the flow temp to something silly like 30 degrees (should...
  8. mehran

    Crimea and Scottish Referenda

    think its myth busting time... the referendum did have an option that would keep Crimea in Ukrainian. Yanukovich was the democratically elected President of Ukraine(and technically he still is). The Ukraine people voted him in to office in open and free election... and its for Ukraine...
  9. mehran

    Crimea and Scottish Referenda

    err...maybe sort of. Russia is allowed to have 25,000 soldiers in the area . Crimea was leaving Ukrainian one way or the other. to be honest this is better then a civil war. Rather have them open about it rather then playing silly buggers in the background. Crimea value is in its navel...
  10. mehran

    Crimea and Scottish Referenda

    Corgigrouch, yeh. Russia promised thing, the west promised things. we do something they do something. Crimea had referendum. not a perfect one but one that amazingly does reflect what the people of Crimea wanted. I know this because they been wanting free of Ukrainian well before all this...
  11. mehran

    World Holocaust Day

    Its a sad and horrible time in Jewish & German history but lets not forget the suffering of all people in this dark part of history. what I find most sad is how we focus on just what happen to the Jews in the second world war. the Chinese lost an estimated 20 million people at the hands of...
  12. mehran

    Intergas Boiler Installers

    A bloke called Tim ******** in Preston installs Intergas and is also an service agent for them. he post on here as "The Baker"
  13. mehran

    hI, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I did not see the message. If you are still...

    hI, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I did not see the message. If you are still looking for a quote we would be happy to provide one for you. just email me your details to
  14. mehran

    Greenpeace: Arctic 30

    been keeping tabs of this slow simmering topic. would like to point out that the so called "waste" still contains 95% of the useful energy, we have designs and know ways to reuse this fuel. the final waste would be safe in 300 years(by using up and preventing the forming of transuranics)...
  15. mehran

    Heating bills - a fairer way?

    energy companies will always what to keep the same profit or increase it. all that would happen is the more people saved the faster the price rap up would be. at the end of the day you would of done all the hard work of cutting back but get charged the same. also what about industrial...
  16. mehran

    Greenpeace: Arctic 30

    its very easy to be alarmist and mistrusting much harder to look at the facts and come to a reliable conclusions which may go against ideology. nuclear is safe. the worst accident in years years has killed no one and in all likelihood will never do. the safety bar on nuclear is so high...
  17. mehran

    Greenpeace: Arctic 30

    to question the safety is Pure FUD tactic. EDR is a evolution of design of an already safe design. one of the things is add extra passive safety measures. we build more complex things for less money then nuclear reactors.
  18. mehran

    Government meddling?

    first off no diet can remove every trace of carbohydrates. so the idea your body would go in hypoglycaemia on a low carb diet is a bit of a straw man. also when say all sugar I was really mean produced food with high sugar content and starchy foods and not meaning cutting out all food that...
  19. mehran

    Government meddling?

    yes, I know :lol: if you ever go on diabetes forums. they have raging debates about it. sadly I fear their advice is doing more harm than good. you start getting in to the politics of heath. It is changing slowly. but a low carb diet is about the only thing that can reverse type 2...
  20. mehran

    Government meddling?

    gastric band are an enforced semi starvation diet. it does not stop them craving or being can also cheat. if you have a sweet tooth (ie love chocolate, ice cream ) they will not give you one on the NHS. the old glutton and sloth eat to much and move to little, its...