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  1. Automatica

    HW/CH flow and system type

    Hi, I replaced a faulty zone valve on the hot water side of what I believe is a S-plan (cold water tank + expansion tank in loft), vented, indirect heating system at my mother's house. The valve, a Drayton ZA5, had seized but additionally the head's microswitch back lugs holding it position...
  2. Automatica

    Grohe Concealed Cistern Stabilising Frame Removal

    Hi, Does anyone know how to remove what I believe is named the stabilising frame in the type of Grohe concealed cistern I have (see attached image)? I have circled where the frame clips into the cistern. If I bend outward the nearside of the cistern to try to release the clips from the holes...
  3. Automatica

    Potterton Suprima 60L - ignores timer and overheats water

    Hi, I have a Potterton Suprima 60L that is heating the hot water cylinder to a very high temperature, even with hot water on the external timer set to the off position (no red LED on timer to indicate it is on and CH is also off). The status LED on the boiler seems to indicate the boiler is...