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  1. Martyn Bell

    Salus RT510 Programing

    I need to set Parameter do4 programmer selection 24hr(7d) from installation mode. When I try and do this it will only give me access to do1,do2 and do3. I can not access do4 to change it, the thermostat is stuck in 5/2. I have contacted Salus but they are no help, all they do is refer me to the...
  2. Martyn Bell

    Android-x86 DRM

    As I do not use windows, I am trying to watch Chili TV & Rakuten TV using android-x86 on my HP255 laptop. Despite installing the necessary apps I can not watch the content. I assume this is because of DRM. It has been suggested to include DRM libs from fugu...
  3. Martyn Bell

    Bathroom Tap Jams Up

    I have replaced the compression washer valve on my bathroom hot tap many times. The hot tap only lasts about a year before needing replacing again. The hot tap will jam up especially if it is already hot, making it very difficult to get any water out. Repeatedly turning on & off helps a bit...
  4. Martyn Bell

    Microphone Connections

    I want to connect a microphone with a 3.5mm TRRS connector to a Sabrent AU-MMSA. Do I need an adapter to make the connection please?
  5. Martyn Bell

    Marley Tiles On Bitumen, Which is the DPM?

    Is it the tiles or the bitumen used to stick the tiles down that is the DPM? We have Marley tiles in our 1957 bungalow. Some of the tiles are broken & some are loose especially near the skirting board where carpet gripper has been removed. We can see bitumen underneath the tiles. We want to fit...
  6. Martyn Bell

    Toilet waste drain

    We are making changes to our 1950's bungalow lay out. We want to put a wet room including a toilet where there is currently a kitchen. My question is, can the existing kitchen sink drain (outside) be upgraded to accommodate the toilet without digging up the concrete patio to connect to the main...
  7. Martyn Bell

    RJ11-CAT5E DIY Broadband Extension cable

    I want to make my own broadband cable, instead of using the one supplied by my ISP. I want to use CAT5E cable terminated with RJ11. Should this be wired straight through or crossover?
  8. Martyn Bell

    UPVC Multipoint door will not open

    I have a U.P.V.C door that will not open. It has a Corbin cylinder lock barrel with multipoint locking. The key will turn to lock and unlock positions, both inside and outside, but the door handle will not go down to open the door. I have removed the door handle, but can not remove the lock...
  9. Martyn Bell

    LED Dimmer switch compatability

    I am using a Retrotouch LED dimmer switch 07249 3-200w with a single 10w GLS B22 A60 LED from Long Life Lamp Company. The dimmer module failed after 12 months & has been replaced, but has now failed again...
  10. Martyn Bell

    Kitchen Lighting How Many LED's

    I am having new lighting installed in my kitchen. The kitchen is 3370mm X 5675mm. I currently have a 36W fluorescent tube at one end which gives adequate light. My electrician wants to install 12 x 10W LED down lights, 6 at each end. This seems a lot to me. I was hoping to keep to 36W at one end...
  11. Martyn Bell

    Sand down 40mm kitchen worktop to 38mm?

    I am having a new kitchen installed. We want to use 38mm laminate except for around a Belfast sink. Our kitchen supplier suggests using 40mm solid wood around the sink and to sand down the timber to the same depth as the laminate. Is this even possible and how could this be done?
  12. Martyn Bell

    Patio Door Frame Rotten

    I have a UPVC double glazed patio door which for some strange reason has wood underneath the frame. The wood has rotten away & I have removed it, supporting the window temporarily on small blocks of wood. It has been suggested that I should replace the wood with plastic, but where can I purchase...
  13. Martyn Bell

    Replace Honeywell T6360B with Salus RT300RF

    I would like to replace my Honeywell T6360B room thermostat with a Salus RT300RF wireless thermostat. I would like to fit the Salus thermostat inplace of the Honeywell (fitted to hall wall) in the same location. The Honeywell has a switched live to control the boiler on pin 3 yellow wire, can...