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    Can i convert a 28w 2D light fitting to use 38w lamps ?

    My mum has two kitchen ceiling lights that use 28w 2D lamps with 2 pin fittings. Her eyesight is getting worse and it would be helpful to fit a brighter lamp but the 38w ones are 4 pin and the ballast inside the fitting will need upgrading. Can I just buy 38w ballasts and 4 pin sockets to...
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    Help needed to identify spiral shank nail

    Does anyone know where nails like these can be purchased ? The closest thing I can find on Google is an American brand called Maze, but they don't have the same domed head. Thanks John
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    Problem with T8 fluorescent tube and SRS ballast ?

    I've got an old twin striplight fitting in a garage which wasn't working. I replaced the blown 1.25 amp fuse inside the fixture with a 3 amp one and now one of the 5 foot T12 tubes is working. I tried swapping them round to check it was the tube and not the circuit. I read somewhere that...
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    Immersion heater with twin thermostats ?

    My neighbour's immersion heater has stopped working. It appears to have 2 Sunvic thermostats - a VKL 2201 and a VKL 2251. There is power getting to the live terminal of the 2201, but the wire linking it to the 2251 seems to be dead. I presume from this that the 2201 is faulty; if so is it OK...
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    Wiring a hot water tank with two immersion heaters

    I've just replaced an old copper hot water cylinder with an unvented system made by UV Gold. The old one was small and only had one immersion heater; the newer one is larger and has two - one near the base and one higher up. This is our only source of hot water. The exisiting supply is 2.5mm...
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    Black plastic mains water pipe - questions

    Our underground water supply pipe is 3/4" black plastic and it crosses a stream on its way to the house, via a small bridge where it is fixed to a suporting steel I beam. It froze up in the recent cold weather. One reason for this is that it has frozen in the past and burst, and has been...
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    Oil or Gas ?

    I need to replace a kerosene boiler but there is mains gas within about 50m of the property. I'm trying to find out the cost per unit of heat for the two fuels so I can work out how econmoical it would be to get the gas in ? Also any views on whether oil or gas boilers are more reliable ...