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    Noise pipe, cannot sleep!

    Ever since we moved into our house ,at random times I've been aware of noise from our pipes, sometimes sounds like the movement of water somewhere, other times sounds like someone has slammed a tap off quick. After a while I realized that it was happening when our neighbours where in their...
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    Vibrating noise - Worcester Bosch si30

    Thanks for your reply - a bit late now, so will give him a call in the morning. I do have benchmark certificate fully completed, together with 7 year guarantee (which I appreciate only relates to faulty parts not other issues) and a letter of notification from Gas Safe, so hopefully all is in order!
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    Vibrating noise - Worcester Bosch si30

    I've already thought about the casing as the bottom flap over the receiver sometimes vibrates. The vibrating sound kicks in about 13/14 seconds after start up, sometimes goes off within seconds other times it's about a minute. There's no problem with the hot water or pressure.
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    worcester bosch digital receiver & rf thermostat problem

    If your boiler is under warranty have a word with your installer or Worceser Bosch. My installer told me (after he had fitted the boiler) that as the boiler was covered under a 7 year guarantee and he was an accredited installer, he would expect them to cover the thermostat/programmer under it...
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    Vibrating noise - Worcester Bosch si30

    We have a Worcester Bosch si30 condensing combi which was fitted early November onto a power flushed system. We've had no problems until this week. Within 15 seconds of starting up, it's making a vibrating noise sometimes for just a few seconds, othertimes quite loud and lasting a minute or so...
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    Door hinge come away from cooker

    Luckily I can see exactly what I've got to do with the door handle. I'll have another luck at the side panel later in the hope I can get that off! A new cooker is out of question as had new boiler, pc screen, microwave and kitchen electrics (none planned for) in the last two months.
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    Door hinge come away from cooker

    Thanks for your reply. It's a freestanding Creda cooker with a side opening door. Sorry you have a female posting here and I just assumed there would be small bolts on the other side of the cooker panel holding the hinge together. Any ideas to solve this gratefully received!
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    Door hinge come away from cooker

    The handle on the oven oven door came off and whilst repairing this, the hinge (attached to the oven door) has worked it's way loose and come away from the cooker. I guess the bolts on the other side had come loose. There's no way of gaining access to put new bolts on the back of screws. Has...
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    NOx emissions plug - will bills be less?

    My engineer has fitted a NOx emissions plug on my boiler which I understand will reduce the CO2 emissions. He also said it reduces my heat to 13kws an hour. Does this mean my bills will be cheaper or would I usually be using less than this (I have seven radiators) anyway? I assume it's...
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    Condensate pumps?

    My Mum has a condensing boiler which likes thousands of others causing problems with the freezing temperatures last year. The boiler is quite a long way from the kitchen waste, so her engineer has suggested either casing the condensate pipe outside or rerouting the condensate pipe over the...
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    Outside lagging for 45mm waste pipe

    Can you buy lagging for a 45mm outside waste pipe? Been to Homebase, Wickes and local diy store without success.
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    Freezing condensate pipe advice please

    Like many, I had to deal with a frozen condensate pipe last year. My boiler and drain are both on an exposed north elevation so suffer extremes. Does it help much by lagging the condensate pipe? If not, I think my other option is to run the condensate pipe into the sink waste pipe, so it only...
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    Power or chemical flush?

    Thanks - yes, we've learnt a lot in the last few days. The engineer we've used for nine years perhaps wasn't as good as we thought.
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    Power or chemical flush?

    I'm about to have a new combi boiler installed on a system which is 12 years old. as far as I'm aware an inhibitor has never been used on the system. When the expansion vessel was replaced 3 years ago the water was black, almost oily. Any thoughts on whether a chemical clean or power flush...
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    Which is best quote to go for?

    Thanks for your replies (so far). Glad to know Valliant are very favourable. The system is only 12 years old, but does have black almost oily water in it so happy to have some sort of flush/clean. Kevandgas - looking at your footnote about an Ideal, there is no way I am going for one - we...
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    Which is best quote to go for?

    Thanks for your reply: The quotes are as follows: 1. £1900 (one recommendation but has done a lot locally) 2. £1700 and £1775 (I have two glowing recommendations for this one) 3. £2000 (I have three recommendations for this one) I know quotes in this area are anything from £1800 -...
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    Which is best quote to go for?

    I have 3 quotes for a replacement boiler and would appreciate your thoughts on best to go for either in terms of boiler or how they propse to clean the system. My present system is 12 years old but I know it contains black almost oily water. 1. Providing a Worcester Bosch si30, including...
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    Which is best inhibitor or power flush - new boiler?

    Thanks for your replies (really appreciated) which have certainly helped. No. 3 has been out now and said pretty much the same as No. 1 and chose to provide same boiler, both come with recommendations, can do week after next, so probably down to price now.
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    Hot pins on plug?

    Thanks for your reply. All three pins are so hot, I don't want to keep my fingers on them! I guess the socket is okay as our 2kw iron is run off it regularly for more than 30 mins the heater was plugged in. Will look inside the plug shortly for any loose connections.
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    Worcester Bosch si30 or Valliant protec28

    I've got two quotes for a new boiler, one providing a Worcester si30, the other a Valliant protec 28. Any thoughts which is best? I know both makes are regularly fitted these days.